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Protein-Based Structural Materials

represented in this special topic on protein-based structural materials. Protein-based materials occupy a special place in the realm of biogenic materials, where ceramics and biopolymers are key materials

Applications of Microwave Materials: A Review

The performance of microwave devices mainly depends on the properties of materials used in the fabrication. Knowledge of material properties at microwave frequencies is a prerequisite to select ... frequencies is a prerequisite to select suitable materials for various microwave applications and vice versa. In this review, seven categories of materials and their applications in a microwave regime are

Materials Selection of Optimized Titanium Alloys for Aircraft Applications

explore the correlation between the physical metallurgy of titanium alloys and its main attributes to select optimized materials for structural aircraft applications in the landing gear beam. The Ashby's ... . In the light of this scenario, the aim of the present work was to explore the compromise between materials attributes and mechanical metallurgy to select titanium alloys for structural aircraft

The journal of materials science in China

emerge. In addition to the traditional structural materials, new functional materials and intelligent materials have brought new opportunities to the development of science and technology. As a result, JMS ... has broadened its scope. In its first decade, JMS mainly published work on structural materials, but JMS rapidly expanded to materials for life sciences, energy materials and other new and developing

Temperature-Dependent HfO2/Si Interface Structural Evolution and its Mechanism

annealing temperature higher than 500 °C [16, 17, 18]. The crystalline structure of HfO2 strongly affects optical and electrical properties. For example, the structural change of HfO2 from amorphous to ... ] presented the structural properties of 5-nm HfO2 films after nitric acid oxidation of n-doped Si substrates. They found that high annealing temperature increases the growth rate of crystalline nuclei. However

Degradation of Polyethylene and Biocomponent-Derived Polymer Materials: An Overview

important to know the mechanisms responsible for the degradation of polymer materials and understand the interaction between these materials and abiotic and biotic factors that cause structural changes in ... decades and resulting from the systematically growing production of synthetic polymer materials led to the search for technological innovations aimed at producing environmentally friendly materials

A structural model of technology acceptance

set for the practical significance of correlation coefficients. Structural equation modelling was used to assess the factorial validity of the measuring instruments' perceived usefulness, perceived ... assess whether the items loaded significantly onto the scales to which they were related. Using structural equation modelling (SEM) methods, as implemented by AMOS, six measurement models were tested

A New Approach for Investigation of Mode II Fracture Toughness in Orthotropic Materials

materials and their orientation ( Melin and Neumeister 2006 ). In 2009, Manal et al. according to application of new-generation composites in a structural beam, such as sandwich beam made up glass fiber skins ... & Technologies, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. E-mail: , Abstract Estimation of mode II fracture toughness (KIIC) in composite materials is known as a troublous and crucial problem. Dissipated

Structural stability concepts in medieval and renaissance mechanics

and Clagett [35] discuss the original medieval texts in terms of stable and unstable equilibrium. Similar discussions are used nowadays to introduce topics of structural stability for engineers, see for ... of materials and the means of handling them. The artist of the Renaissance had to know all that and much more: he had to instill into his work geometry and mechanics in the conscious imitation of

Structural changes of dilated pelvic ureters in adults

< 0.05. Results The tissue sections of the materials stained with Picrosirius and observed in a microscope under polarized light showed that both normal and dilated ureters have different types of ... was small. However, this study involved human materials, which are always difficult to obtain and process. Conclusion The data provided in this study will help to contribute for a better

Synthesis and Structural Characterization of U-Zr-Nb Alloys

to corrosion and thermal cycling. Elements such as Mo, Nb, Ti, and Zr are often used as substituting materials for stabilize the γ-U phase at low temperatures. The γ phase of pure uranium cannot be ... to the Brazilian agencies CAPES and to Nuclear Materials Laboratory (CTMSP-BRAZIL), for financial and experimental support. 6. References 1 Kim-Ngan NTH, Tkach I, Mašková S, Havela L, Warren

Electrosynthesis and catalytic activity of polymer-nickel particles composite electrode materials

Nickel-polymer composite electrode materials have been synthesized using various strategies, all comprising the electrochemical reduction of nickel(II) cations or complexes, incorporated by either ... metal particles, because of their unique electronic structure and their extremely large surface areas.1 These materials have emerged as an area of great current interest motivated by potential

Recent Progress in the Fabrication, Properties, and Devices of Heterostructures Based on 2D Materials

With a large number of researches being conducted on two-dimensional (2D) materials, their unique properties in optics, electrics, mechanics, and magnetics have attracted increasing attention ... distinct functional 2D materials into heterostructures naturally emerged that provides unprecedented platforms for exploring new physics that are not accessible in a single 2D material or 3D heterostructures

Structural organization of polygalacturonase-encoding genes from Penicillium griseoroseum

structural unit of the genes encoding PG cloned until now.   MATERIALS AND METHODS Fungal strains and inoculum production Penicillium charlesii (CCT 4752), P. chrysogenum, P. citrinum (CCT 3281), P ... relationship, and morphological and physiological characteristics confirm that they are different species (Pereira et al. 2002). Comparison of the structural units of PG genes from Penicillium species

Hardening and Stability of Plinthic Materials of the Araguaia River Floodplain under Different Drying Treatments

the amount and degree of hardening and structural stability of ferruginous materials is key to proper management of soil used for agricultural production purposes. The presence of plinthite and ... materials. The aim of the present study was to assess the effect of different drying periods on the hardening and stability of plinthic materials of soils in the floodplain of the Araguaia River and the João

Effect of veneering materials and curing methods on resin cement knoop hardness

; Rafael Leonardo Xediek Consani Dental Materials Area, Department of Restorative Dentistry, School of Dentistry of Piracicaba, State University of Campinas, Piracicaba, SP, Brazil Correspondence ... few years due to a larger application of indirect restorative materials, as ceramics and composite resins. As advantages, these cements present adhesion to substrates (by silane and adhesive agents

Facile Preparation of Carbon Nanotube-Cu2O Nanocomposites as New Catalyst Materials for Reduction of P-Nitrophenol

that the prepared CNT-Cu2O nanocomposite materials could be effectively controlled via regulating preparation temperature and time without the use of any stabilizing agents. The nanostructures of ... composite materials. KeywordsNanocomposite Cuprous oxide Carbon nanotube Catalytic reduction P-nitrophenol  Abbreviations 4-NP P-nitrophenol CNT Carbon nanotube CNT-Cu-30-1 Composite obtained under 30 °C

Special issue on smart materials and structures

. (2012) treated the structural health monitoring for aeronautical applications by using piezoelectric materials. Electromechanical impedance measures are employed to perform nondestructive inspection. The ... structures, aerospace structures, nonlinear dynamics     Foreword Smart materials and structures are inspired in nature and try to mimic adaptive characteristics of natural systems. In brief, it is

Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis of Sensing Sorbent Materials for Copper and Lead Recovery

The synthesis of sorption materials for retention and/or preconcentration of species of clinical and environmental interest, such as metal ions, is an important area of contemporary research. We ... for Cu(II) and Pb(II) preconcentration. Sensing properties of these materials were also evaluated using a flow-through optosensing approach. Keywords: solid phase synthesis, metal sorbents