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Improving the proof of “Privacy-preserving attribute-keyword based data publish-subscribe service on cloud platforms”

discover that there is a flaw in the security proof of indistinguishability of the tag and trapdoor against chosen keyword attack under the Bilinear Diffie-Hellman (BDH) assumption. As the security proof is ... computing technology, more and more enterprises and users are outsourcing their data to cloud service providers, which providing a good way to protect data security and privacy by applying attribute-based

Integrated visual security management for optimal condition explorations in resource-constrained systems

As more and more mobile video applications contain important and private video data, various video encryption techniques have been proposed to protect them. Many of those applications typically ... cosine transform DES Data encryption standard EE Entropy encoding EVSB Energy and visual security-bound bitrate EVS Energy-bound visual security GOP Group of picture IoT Internet of things JVCE Joint video

Data-Driven Chinese Walls

Security policy and access control models are often based on qualitative attributes, e.g. security labels, cryptographic credentials. In this paper, we enrich one such model, namely the Chinese Walls ... of CWAC model. and phrases Access Control; Big Data; Security Policies; Chinese Walls Model Introduction 2 Related Work Our work is closely related to the basic concept of CWAC. We provide an

Algorithmic Government: Automating Public Services and Supporting Civil Servants in using Data Science Technologies

dispute resolution systems, and laws/statutes encoded as blockchain smart contracts. Government is potentially the major ‘client’ and also ‘public champion’ for these new data technologies. This review ... Computer Science community to engage with government to develop these new systems to transform public services and support the work of civil servants. 1. INTRODUCTION The data science ‘tsunami’ led by

Social security 'benefits

particularly true as far as the interpretation and intersection between the application of the rule and social security benefits. The first noteworthy decision in considering this interplay is Makhuvela v Road ... collateral source rule evolves on a casuistic basis. This discussion is limited to social security grants received as a 'benefit' consequent to a damage-causing event and its relevance to the collateral

Graph database-based network security situation awareness data storage method

different types of data in different ways, which makes data query and analysis inefficient. To solve this problem, we propose a graph database-based hierarchical multi-domain network security situation ... ).CrossRefGoogle Scholar 15. M.S. Barik, Mazumdar C., in International Conference on Security in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems. A graph data model for attack graph generation and analysis

Social security reform in two stages

This article analyzes Brazilian social security reform during the Fernando Henrique and Lula Administrations. After comparing the contexts in which the different Constitutional Amendment proposals ... security reform in the Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva administrations. As a starting point we assume that: 1) due to its intrinsic characteristics, reforms such as these are hard to

Performance and security in cloud computing

algorithms improve resource utilization and workload performance simultaneously. In the fourth paper “Towards a delivery scheme for speedup of data backup in distributed storage systems using erasure codes ... security model in which different security policies are separately applied for three domains: the data storage domain, the data processing domain and the data transmission domain. Experimental results show

Belief about the future possibility of national aging security system and its association with mortality

In line with well-known subjective measures of health, such as self-rated health and subjective life expectancy, an individual’s belief about future security provided by the government could also be ... the elderly Korean population in regards to the National Aging Security System (NASS), and assess its association with the risk of mortality even with SRH included in the analysis. Data from the Korean

Perceptions of health care professionals on the safety and security at Odi District Hospital, Gauteng, South Africa

professionals (HCPs) on safety and security at Odi District Hospital. METHODOLOGY: A sample of 181 out of a total of 341 HCPs was drawn through a systematic sampling method from each HCP category. Data were ... Therefore, according to the aforesaid explanations, it can be said that 'security' entails the systems, personnel and processes employed to impart the feeling of 'being secure' in an establishment, whereas

Knowledge discovery from a more than a decade studies on healthcare Big Data systems: a scientometrics study

and also rapidly expanding field of Big Data analytics has started to play a pivotal role in the evolution of healthcare practices and research. It leads attracting attention from academia, industry and ... words. The clusters are: public health, health informatics, healthcare big data research, data science, association, e-health encryption and things. Journal of medical systems published most papers in the

Multispectral imaging and unmanned aerial systems for cotton plant phenotyping

from multispectral images captured by a multispectral camera on an unmanned aerial system. Data were collected on eight different days from two fields. Ortho-mosaic and digital elevation models (DEM ... an HTP system is challenging in both the platform design and the associated data processing methods. Development of a field-based high-throughput phenotyping system (FHTPS) is even more challenging due

Editorial 2017 (20) Special Edition: Water Security

the greatest challenges for states and the international community. Thus, water security has become increasingly important both at the national and international levels. Through the concept of water ... security, states seek to respond to the increasing threats to their water supply and quality, and also to the potentially increasing conflicts and tensions arising between states. Water security is a

Editorial Note: Soft Computing Techniques and Applications on Multimedia Data Analyzing Systems

2019 60 Downloads Multimedia Tools and Applications gratefully acknowledges the editorial work of the scholars listed below on the special issue entitled, “Soft Computing Techniques and

Data Management and Preservation of Digital Research Data

) lev els of digital preservation along the facets of storage and geographic location, file fixity and data integrity, information security, metadata, and file formats. The NDSA approach usefully affirms ... Choudhury, G. Sayeed, Rick Johnson, Jeffrey Spies, and David Wilcox. Choud- hury, G. Sayeed. ?Data management at scale.? Information Services & Use Data Management and Preser vation of Digital

Using household survey data to identify large-scale food security patterns across Uganda

is often based on expert knowledge or aggregated data, despite the fact that food security and poverty are driven largely by processes at the household level. At present, it is unclear if and how ... interests: JW received salary from the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) and the Plant Production Systems Group of Wageningen University & Research. MvW received

Potato and Food Security in China

Shares 378 Downloads The potential of potato to provide food security is one reason China has undergone remarkable growth in potato production over the last two decades and become the largest ... producer of potatoes in the world. In 2015, the Chinese Academy of Sciences recommended the strategy of developing and using potato as a staple food for domestic food security. Potato will become the fourth

Big Data and discrimination: perils, promises and solutions. A systematic review

BackgroundBig Data analytics such as credit scoring and predictive analytics offer numerous opportunities but also raise considerable concerns, among which the most pressing is the risk of ... the fact that traditional computational systems are unable to process and work on Big Data, characteristics of this phenomenon have been described by scholars in strict relation to the technical

Exploring Critical Success Factors for Data Integration and Decision-Making in Law Enforcement

interactions among law enforcement organizational processes. Further exploration of critical success factors used to integrate data more efficiently among systems of systems and user interactions may improve ... governance; data analytics; data integration; law enforcement intelligence; critical success factors; systems theory - gained steam in the early 1980s and 1990s in response to the public outcry against

Large-scale predictive modeling and analytics through regression queries in data management systems

within data management systems (DMS). Linear regression queries are fundamental to exploratory analytics and predictive modeling. However, computing their exact answers leaves a lot to be desired in terms ... approach to modeling the relationship between input and output variables, while recent trends aim to incorporate advanced regression analytics capabilities within data management systems (DMS). Linear