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Ethics, science and technology

The article aims at thinking the relation between ethics, science and technology, emphasising the problem of their re-linking, after the split into judgements of fact and judgements of value, which ... humanising of technique and the generation of a new man, literate at science, technology and the humanities. Key words: ethics, science, technology, nihilism. RESUMO O artigo visa pensar a relação

CS in HS: Promoting Computer Science Education in High School

technology industry. These computing jobs have shaped the modern world in ways only science fiction could have predicted. These people are responsible for some of the greatest innovations of the last century ... University of Science and Technology The world is in the midst of a technology revolution. Each day, new computing devices are introduced, hundreds of new websites are created, and people who have never used

Twenty-two new species in the genus Hyphantrophaga Townsend (Diptera: Tachinidae) from Area de Conservación Guanacaste, with a key to the species of Mesoamerica

The following 22 new species of Hyphantrophaga are described: Hyphantrophaga adrianguadamuzi Fleming & Wood sp. n., Hyphantrophaga albopilosa Fleming & Wood sp. n., Hyphantrophaga anacordobae Fleming ... Fleming & Wood sp. n., Hyphantrophaga calixtomoragai Fleming & Wood sp. n., Hyphantrophaga calva Fleming & Wood sp. n.., Hyphantrophaga ciriloumanai Fleming & Wood sp. n., Hyphantrophaga danausophaga


Among the many interesting topics in the field of Wood Science and Technology is a fascinating story about research and development on drying wood products with high-frequency electric current ... simulation as a cognitive tool for studying the microwave drying of softwood in an over-sized waveguide. Wood Science and Technology 33: 445-464        [ Links ] Pound, J. 1973. Radio frequency heating in the

Southwinds - Spring 2008

THE LITERARY MAGAZINE OF MISSOURI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SPRING 2008 Southwinds is a collection of artistic works from members of the Missouri University. of Science and Technology. ... rhym ing a rhyme Lay in the realm of things I can do Solve com plex equations with the dependence of time History, fine arts, science and m ore But lack of specialization has limited m y choices So now I

Selected Anatomical Properties of Boscia angustifolia Wood

Microscopic structure of wood is identifiable with anatomy characteristics of the wood, thus the potential utility of a wood is technically dependent upon its anatomical properties. Boscia ... ? . Journal of Science and Technology , 1 : 434 . 9. FAO ( 1998 ). ?Non-wood forest products from conifers? . Forestry Department. 10. Hickey , M. and King C. ( 2001 ). ?Glossary of botanical terms? . The


dendroclimatology of Picea engelmannii trees. Subsequent laboratories developed applications of X-ray densitometry for environmental, wood science and technology, and related areas. This paper describes the basic ... .        [ Links ] Bucur, V.; Garros, S.; Navarrete, A.; Troya, M.T.; Guyonnet, R. 1997. Kinetics of wood degradation by fungi with X-ray microdensitometry technique. Wood Science and Technology 31:383-389

Path Analysis Development Based on Balanced Scorecard in Order to Identify Causal Relationships of Science and Technology Indices (Case Study in Iran University of Science & Technology)

The main aim of this paper is to investigate the causal relationships among science and technology indices used by universities. This is investigated using workflow automation and interactive ... . Jafari1, M. Tootooni*1, M. Jafari Eskandari2   1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology Tehran, Iran. *. 2 Department of Industrial Engineering, Payame Noor

Technology and Mathematics

In spite of their practical importance, the connections between technology and mathematics have not received much scholarly attention. This article begins by outlining how the technology–mathematics ... technology Computability Usefulness of mathematics  1 Introduction There is a considerable literature on the relationship between technology and science, but as yet not much has been written on that

Across borders: science and technology during the Cold War: an introduction

. The availability of archival and other historical resources, and the recognition that the social history of this period cannot be written without acknowledging the contribution of science and technology ... been fairly acknowledged as a key factor igniting science and technology exchange programs around the world. The IAEA was a crucial intermediary between owners and producers of atomic technoscience, and

The Impact of Environmental Education on Environmental and Renewable Energy Technology Awareness: Empirical Evidence from Colombia

status, stronger student science abilities, parent characteristics, and a few school-level characteristics such as quality of education resources and school ownership (public versus private) seem to be ... nuclear waste. Environmental education (Envedu): Principals “yes” or “no” on environmental activities: (i) outdoor education, (ii) trips to museums, (iii) trips to science and/or technology centers, (iv

The XCAT Science Portal

This paper describes the design and prototype implementation of the XCAT Grid Science Portal. The portal lets grid application programmers script complex distributed computations and package these ... web technology. A Science Portal can be broadly defined as an application specific environment for using and programming complex tasks involving remote resources. Over the past year the Science Portal

A critical review of Integrating Ubunifu, informal science, and community innovations in science classrooms in East Africa

This paper provides a brief critical review of the English executive summary to Integrating Ubunifu, informal science, and community innovations in science classrooms in East Africa (Semali et al. in ... , CA: Jossey-Bass.Google Scholar Potvin, P., & Hasni, A. (2014). Interest, motivation and attitude towards science and technology at K-12 levels: A systematic review of 12 years of educational research

Lights, art, science - action!

The article offers some reflections on the main interactions between theater, science, and technology down through the history of theater. Based on our experience at "Science in the Spotlight", part ... 'science' in its broad sense, encompassing not only the natural but human sciences as well; likewise, we use the word 'technology' as it relates to applied science. Art and science are understood here as

Exploring science-and-technology-led innovation: a cross-country study

Countries can enhance endogenous innovation using multifaceted incentives for science and technology indicators. We explore country-level innovation using OECD data for research and development (R&D ... integrate disparate policies in an effort to drive economic growth through innovation. KeywordsInnovation Patents Science and technology Research and development Exports Panel analysis  Abbreviations IP

Effective participatory science education in a diverse Latin American population

Particular challenges exist for science education in the developing world, where limited resources require curricula designed to balance state-of-the-art knowledge with practical and political ... indicator of performance in science, technology, and innovation (STI), these output metrics suggest significant underrepresentation of the region on the global stage. Even outside of Latin America, Latinxs

Root wood anatomy of 14 Brazilian Cerrado species

, Brazil b Universidade de Brasília - UNB, Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro, Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Asa Norte, CEP 70910-900, Brasilia, DF, Brazil SUMMARY: Studies on root wood ... anatomy are scarce, mainly due to the lack of commercial interest and the difficulty to collect. In Brazilian Cerrado, local craftsmen use root wood for marquetry, the manufacture of such small items as

Intelligent Technology for the Monitoring and Protection of Insect Biodiversity

speaker recognition technology. The acoustic signal is preprocessed and segmented into a series of sound samples. MFCC (Mel-frequency cepstrum coefficient) is extracted from the sound sample, and a feature ... Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Key Laboratory of Forest Protection of State Forestry Administration , Beijing , China 1 College of Computer Science and

Lessons without limit: how free-choice learning is transforming science and technology education

interests. Science learning is an important part of this revolution. Traditional boundaries and roles distinguishing groups of science educators and institutions are disappearing. To not understand and ... production). Science and technology learning is an important part of this educational shift. People engage in science and technology learning every day, across their life spans – at home, at work, and out in

Burning wet wood: varieties of non-recognition in energy transitions

One of the most widely accepted rule of thumb of bioenergy production has been that burning wet wood should be avoided. This advice has guided the development of harvesting, logistics and combustion ... wood chip burning. The aim is to analyse various reasons why potentially relevant science-based knowledge may remain non-recognised in public debates and how this absence of information may forestall the