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Algorithmic Data Science

The area of algorithmic data science provides new opportunities for researchers in the algorithmic community. In this paper we will see examples that demonstrate that algorithm engineering is the ... algorithmic data science. But there are also many open interesting questions for purely theoretically interested computer scientists. In my opinion, these opportunities should be taken because this will be

Chimpanzee extractive foraging with excavating tools: Experimental modeling of the origins of human technology

, Chemistry and Biology (IFM), Linko ?ping University , Linko ?ping, Sweden, 6 Kristiansand Zoo, Kristiansand , Norway 2 Editor: Michael D. Petraglia, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History ... conservation . Pan Africa News . 2011 ; 18 : 23 - 5 . 33. Moura ADA , Lee PC . Capuchin stone tool use in Caatinga dry forest . Science . 2004 ; 306 ( 5703 ): 1909 . PMID

Particle methods in natural science and engineering

This special topics issue offers a broad perspective on the recent developments and reviews of state-of-the-art particle methods in science and engineering applications. This issue grew out of ... “dynamical simulations of systems with large particle numbers”. Since particle methods are present in many fields of science and engineering, the papers collected here span a considerable range of subjects and

Reinventing the third mission of higher education in Germany: political frameworks and universities’ reactions

pivotal functions of universities, other activities such as technology transfer, lifelong learning or social engagement have broadened the scope of their actions. These activities, labelled as third mission ... focuses on knowledge and technology transfer (Göransson et al. 2009). In more recent research on higher education, however, a broader understanding of third mission has increasingly gained ground that

Correction to: Book of Abstract—German Exercise Science & Training Conference (GEST19) of the German Society of Sport Science (dvs), February 20th–22nd 2019

information © Springer-Verlag GmbH Deutschland, ein Teil von Springer Nature 2019 Authors and Affiliations Billy Sperlich12Email authorPhilipp Kunz1Peter Düking11.Integrative & Experimental Exercise Science

Hibernating astronauts—science or fiction?

4. Blackstone E, Morrison M, Roth MB (2005) H2S induces a suspended animation-like state in mice. Science 308:518. CrossRefPubMedGoogle Scholar 5. Bouma HR ... , Heller HC, Barnes BM (2011) Hibernation in black bears: independence of metabolic suppression from body temperature. Science 331:906–909. CrossRefPubMedGoogle

Guest Editorial: International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Workshop on Space-Borne Imaging Spectroscopy for Exploring the Earth’s Ecosystems

cases for the science, the capabilities of space-borne imaging spectroscopy technology and promising avenues into a hyperspectral future. Notes Acknowledgements We would like to thank the International ... spectrometers have demonstrated a solid science baseline, enabling us to scale these applications to space missions. Following on from early space-borne systems such as the Hyperion imaging spectrometer aboard

Molecular fungal community and its decomposition activity in sapwood and heartwood of 13 temperate European tree species

13 tree species, and specifically between deciduous and coniferous wood, but unexpectedly no difference was found between sapwood and heartwood. Fungal species richness correlated positively with wood ... Vienna, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science , Vienna , Austria 1 Bavarian Forest National Park , Grafenau, Germany, 7 Technische Universita ? t Dresden , Center for Molecular and Cellular

From North American hegemony to global competition for scientific leadership? Insights from the Nobel population

Based on the entire population of Nobel laureates in science from 1901 to 2017, we show that North America’s rise as global power in science started in the 1920s. Following a transition period (1940s ... of Science and Technology Studies (IZWT), University of Wuppertal , Wuppertal, Germany , 2 Institute of Sociology, University of Wuppertal , Wuppertal , Germany 1 Editor: Gemma Elizabeth Derrick

Is C. elegans a suitable model for nutritional science?

The suitability of C. elegans as a model for the question of nutritional science is a controversial topic. The discussion makes clear that C. elegans is its own best model for revealing, via genetic ... phenotypes. Experience tells us that the analysis of drastic nutritional phenotypes in C. elegans has the potential to enrich the canon of knowledge of nutritional science. KeywordsC. elegans Model

Professionalization of bibliometric research assessment. Insights from the history of the Leiden Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS)

Cologne , Germany 2 Interdisciplinary Center for Science and Technology Studies, University of Wuppertal , Wuppertal, 42119 , Germany *Corresponding author: Email: Science and Public Policy 2018, doi

Production logistics and human-computer interaction—state-of-the-art, challenges and requirements for the future

on an interdisciplinary analysis consisting of three interdependent parts: (i) a production logistics literature review and process study, (ii) a computer science literature review and simulation study ... -term benefits, and solutions are kept simple where feasible. In most production settings, solutions are connected to the state-of-the-art in computer science and robot technology as well as artificial

Expert opinion on metal chains and other indestructible objects as proper enrichment for intensively-farmed pigs

provide straw (like Sweden and the UK) and outside the EU (US). They are more prevalent in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Finland, while the prevalence seems to be low in Spain. Balls, wood and pipes ... ), Hard wood (3.7bc), Pipe (3.5c), Bare chain (3.3c), Short chain (3.1d), Small ball (2.8d), Big ball (2.5d), and Chain hanging too high (1.3e). Branched chains scored significantly better than all other

Editorial Promoting Help-seeking using E-Technology for ADolescents: The ProHEAD consortium

using E-technology for Adolescents”) consortium focuses on three main objectives, i.e.: (1) improving young people’s help-seeking behaviors; (2) improving the selective prevention of common disorders in ... common disorders in those who are at risk; and (3) strengthening resources to counteract the development of mental illness. Capitalizing on Internet and mobile technology, ProHEAD delivers low threshold

Genome and secretome of Chondrostereum purpureum correspond to saprotrophic and phytopathogenic life styles

known about its lignocellulose-degrading capabilities and the enzymatic machinery that is responsible for the degradative potential, and it is not yet clear to which group of wood-rot fungi it actually ... , Estacio ?n Experimental del Zaid ??n , Granada , Spain , 2 Unit of Environmental Biotechnology, Dresden University of Technology, International Institute Zittau , Zittau, Germany , 3 Department of Botany

Germany’s attitude to start-up firms is undergoing profound change

The country has been slow to welcome start-up science culture, but the scene looks set to take off. ... for medical technology and digital health at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, the German capital’s economic development agency. “And you’re more likely to receive public funding when you’re a

Climatic shocks associate with innovation in science and technology

Human history is shaped by landmark discoveries in science and technology. However, across both time and space the rate of innovation is erratic: Periods of relative inertia alternate with bursts of ... 1. Annual time-series of innovation, temperature, and volcanic dust veils for Europe (1500?1900CE). (A) Innovation in science and technology expressed in factor-loading weighted average across six

AMICAI: A Method Based on Risk Analysis to Integrate Responsible Research and Innovation into the Work of Research and Innovation Practitioners

work of R&I practitioners. AMICAI appears in particular capable of providing a procedural guidance for R&I practitioners based on a method established in engineering science, breaking down the object of ... ethics, technology assessment as well as science, technology and society studies (STS) research. At this stage RRI may be described as an evolving concept, with confusion as to motivation, theoretical

The new Geothermal Energy: Science, Society, and Technology

listing already achieved by Geothermal Energy, the decision was made to keep the journal name Geothermal Energy. A new subtitle to the journal-Science, Society, and Technology-differentiates it from the