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Algorithmic Data Science

The area of algorithmic data science provides new opportunities for researchers in the algorithmic community. In this paper we will see examples that demonstrate that algorithm engineering is the ... algorithmic data science. But there are also many open interesting questions for purely theoretically interested computer scientists. In my opinion, these opportunities should be taken because this will be


Heat treatment of wood is an effective method to improve the dimensional stability and durability against biodegradation. Optimisation of a two-stage heat treatment process at relatively mild ... torrified wood. Wood Science and Technology 22:143-155        [ Links ] Burmester, A. 1973. Einfluss einer Wärme-Druck-Behandlung haldtrockenen Holzes auf seine Formbeständigkeit. Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff

Underreported and unknown student harassment at the Faculty of Science

Reports of sexual harassment at medical faculties throughout the world, including the Radboud University, raised the question how prevalent this is at the Faculty of Science. We performed a survey ... that, based on literature, students in the Faculty of Medicine will report the greatest amount of harassment, more commonly also than those in the Faculties of Science and Technology [ 7


Heat treatment of wood is an effective method to improve the dimensional stability and durability against biodegradation. Optimisation of a two-stage heat treatment process at relatively mild ... . Maderas. Ciencia y tecnología. 8(3):192-207        [ Links ] Bourgois, J.; Guyonnet, R. 1988. Characterization and analysis of torrified wood. Wood Science and Technology 22:143-155.        [ Links

Chimpanzee extractive foraging with excavating tools: Experimental modeling of the origins of human technology

, Chemistry and Biology (IFM), Linko ?ping University , Linko ?ping, Sweden, 6 Kristiansand Zoo, Kristiansand , Norway 2 Editor: Michael D. Petraglia, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History ... conservation . Pan Africa News . 2011 ; 18 : 23 - 5 . 33. Moura ADA , Lee PC . Capuchin stone tool use in Caatinga dry forest . Science . 2004 ; 306 ( 5703 ): 1909 . PMID

Evaluation of the Impact of Technology Scaling on Delay Testing for Low-Cost AVS

With the continued down-scaling of IC technology and increase in manufacturing process variations, it is becoming ever more difficult to accurately estimate circuit performance of manufactured ... transition fault testing (TF), error of 3.96% for small delay defect testing (SDD), and an error as low as 1.85% using path delay testing (PDLY). In addition, the paper also shows the impact of technology

Attitudes of Secondary School STEM Teachers towards Supervising Research and Design Activities

Research and design activities are important focus points in international policies for secondary Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. It is up to school teachers to ... frequently, international) perspective involving mathematics, science, and technology” (Shernoff et al. 2017 p. 2). With integrated STEM, educators try to combine science, technology, engineering, and

Editorial: Fifty Years Journal for General Philosophy of Science

Foundation and Formative Years The first issue of JGPS was published in 1970 as „Band I Heft 1“of Zeitschrift für allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie—Journal for General Philosophy of Science with Franz Steiner ... French were considered for publication. The journal was further intended to provide a forum for various intellectual traditions and sub-disciplines of the philosophy of science. It was of special

Particle methods in natural science and engineering

This special topics issue offers a broad perspective on the recent developments and reviews of state-of-the-art particle methods in science and engineering applications. This issue grew out of ... “dynamical simulations of systems with large particle numbers”. Since particle methods are present in many fields of science and engineering, the papers collected here span a considerable range of subjects and

New indicators and indexes for benchmarking university–industry–government innovation in medical and life science clusters: results from the European FP7 Regions of Knowledge HealthTIES project

HealthTIES (Healthcare, Technology and Innovation for Economic Success) consortium was funded by the European Union’s Regions of Knowledge initiative, research and innovation funding programme FP7. HealthTIES ... government procurement of advanced technology WEF GCR 2010–2011, pillar 12.05 11 Infrastructure B07 National attractiveness (WEF index) WEF GCR 2010–2011 12 B08 Science parks m2 Science parks 6 B09

Platform-based collaboration in digital ecosystems

Organizations operating in a network require strong information technology support to successfully collaborate. In a business service network, the links between partners must enable quick connect and ... relationships, in order to harness market opportunities. Scholars claim that information technology platforms are necessary to enhance this quick connect capability and to transform business networks into digital

Correction to: Book of Abstract—German Exercise Science & Training Conference (GEST19) of the German Society of Sport Science (dvs), February 20th–22nd 2019

information © Springer-Verlag GmbH Deutschland, ein Teil von Springer Nature 2019 Authors and Affiliations Billy Sperlich12Email authorPhilipp Kunz1Peter Düking11.Integrative & Experimental Exercise Science

Hibernating astronauts—science or fiction?

4. Blackstone E, Morrison M, Roth MB (2005) H2S induces a suspended animation-like state in mice. Science 308:518. CrossRefPubMedGoogle Scholar 5. Bouma HR ... , Heller HC, Barnes BM (2011) Hibernation in black bears: independence of metabolic suppression from body temperature. Science 331:906–909. CrossRefPubMedGoogle

Reinventing the third mission of higher education in Germany: political frameworks and universities’ reactions

pivotal functions of universities, other activities such as technology transfer, lifelong learning or social engagement have broadened the scope of their actions. These activities, labelled as third mission ... focuses on knowledge and technology transfer (Göransson et al. 2009). In more recent research on higher education, however, a broader understanding of third mission has increasingly gained ground that

Engaging experience: mobilising personal encounters with mental ill-health in social science

Copyright information © Springer Nature Limited 2019 Authors and Affiliations Tineke Broer1Email authorAmy Chandler21.Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society, Tilburg Law SchoolTilburg

Medical teamwork and the evolution of safety science: a critical review

associated bias towards judgemental and normative language, and contemporary thinking in safety science that explores concepts from complexity thinking, such as emergence and resilience. The aim of this ... concepts in safety science. After identifying relevant articles through multiple formal search methods, we found that, although current teamwork literature acknowledges a lack of comprehensive investigations

Cross-faculty proximity and academic entrepreneurship: the role of business schools

important source of science-based and technology-oriented business ideas. We do not find such a relationship between proximity to business schools and other faculties. ... entrepreneurial ideas, for example, among faculties of natural science and technology. Business schools are educational institutions that typically teach courses in areas such as finance, marketing, and strategy

Mainstream and evolutionary views of technology, economic growth and catching up

A critical appraisal of the literature is provided with a focus on the theoretical differences underlining the mainstream and evolutionary economics of the role of technology on the ability of ... organization, functioning, and needs of the society at large. Mokyr (2014), has stated that “...the exact interaction between science and technology is a subtle and complex one, time-variant, and culture

Guest Editorial: International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Workshop on Space-Borne Imaging Spectroscopy for Exploring the Earth’s Ecosystems

cases for the science, the capabilities of space-borne imaging spectroscopy technology and promising avenues into a hyperspectral future. Notes Acknowledgements We would like to thank the International ... spectrometers have demonstrated a solid science baseline, enabling us to scale these applications to space missions. Following on from early space-borne systems such as the Hyperion imaging spectrometer aboard