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Why Simulate a Sample of Recycled Wood?

Wood products follow the same cycle as other materials: manufacture, use and disposal. For certain applications, chemical additives are added to wood to increase its durability against biological and ... particleboard made from recycled wood-waste. Bioresource Technology 99(6): 2072-2077.         [ Links ] Corresponding author:♠ Received: 05.04.2011 Accepted: 30.01. 2012.

130th anniversary of Institut Pasteur: celebrating science

years ago, the Institut Pasteur opened its doors, following Louis Pasteur's successful international appeal for funds. This special issue celebrates Science conducted at the Institut Pasteur today. The


The macromolecular organization of the secondary wall of the cells from tree xylem is in large part responsible for the mechanical and physiological properties of wood. Modeling secondary walls of ... and vessel walls in growing model plants of Arabidopsis thaliana and poplar. TEM examination of differentiating cells as well as various wood and wood –derived materials and genetic plant mutants

An extension of the technology acceptance model for understanding travelers’ adoption of variable message signs

congestion and improving network performance. This paper adopted an extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to predict and explain road users’ intention to use Variable Message Sign (VMS) information. In ... information with their own experience. 3.3 Measurement scales The measurement items were selected after a careful review of the literature on behavioral science, user acceptance of new information technology

Modeling and simulation of an industrial indirect solar dryer for Iroko wood (Chlorophora excelsa) in a tropical environment

This paper presents a modeling of an instrumental indirect solar wood dryer less expensive functioning in a Cameroonian climate applied to the climate of Yaoundé. The dryer is easy to build and ... >         [ Links ] Ananías, R.A.; Mougel, E.; Zoulalian, A. 2009. Introducing an overall mass-transfer coefficient for prediction of drying curves at low temperature drying rates. Wood Science and Technology 43(1

Edition of TFAM gene by CRISPR/Cas9 technology in bovine model

inflammatory response. In our study, we proposed to evaluate the possibility of editing the TFAM gene by CRISPR/Cas9 technology in bovine fibroblasts, as TFAM regulates the replication specificity of mtDNA. We ... Science and Food Engineering, University of Sa?o Paulo , Pirassununga, Sa?o Paulo , Brazil , 2 Laboratoire Structure et Instabilit e ? des G e ?nomes, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, INSERM U1154

Expert opinion on metal chains and other indestructible objects as proper enrichment for intensively-farmed pigs

provide straw (like Sweden and the UK) and outside the EU (US). They are more prevalent in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Finland, while the prevalence seems to be low in Spain. Balls, wood and pipes ... ), Hard wood (3.7bc), Pipe (3.5c), Bare chain (3.3c), Short chain (3.1d), Small ball (2.8d), Big ball (2.5d), and Chain hanging too high (1.3e). Branched chains scored significantly better than all other

Climatic shocks associate with innovation in science and technology

Human history is shaped by landmark discoveries in science and technology. However, across both time and space the rate of innovation is erratic: Periods of relative inertia alternate with bursts of ... 1. Annual time-series of innovation, temperature, and volcanic dust veils for Europe (1500?1900CE). (A) Innovation in science and technology expressed in factor-loading weighted average across six

Flux prediction using artificial neural network (ANN) for the upper part of glycolysis

and expensive experiments. The artificial neural network (ANN) method has been successively applied in different fields of science to perform complex functions. In this study, ANN models were trained to ... PEACCEL, n ?6 Square Albin Cachot, Paris, France, 3 DSIMB, INSERM, UMR S-1134 , Laboratory of ExcellenceLABEX GR, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of La Reunion & University Paris Diderot

Beliefs, attitudes and funding of assisted reproductive technology: Public perception of over 6,000 respondents from 6 European countries

Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark , 6 Theramex HQ UK Limited, London , United Kingdom 2 Editor: Qinghua Shi, China University of Science and Technology , CHINA - Data ... Reproduction and the International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology, infants born annually via ART in countries reporting, increased approximately 40-fold from 11,323 [ 2 ] in 1989 to

Thulium fiber laser: the new player for kidney stone treatment? A comparison with Holmium:YAG laser

methodsMedline, Scopus, Embase, and Web of Science databases were searched for articles relating to the operating modes of Holmium:YAG and Thulium fiber lasers, including systematic review of articles on Thulium ... reported with the Holmium:YAG laser relating to lithotripsy, based on preliminary in vitro studies. This innovative laser technology seems particularly advantageous for ureteroscopy and may become an

HexaShrink, an exact scalable framework for hexahedral meshes with attributes and discontinuities: multiresolution rendering and storage of geoscience models

and simulation science. We propose HexaShrink, an original decomposition scheme for structured hexahedral volume meshes. The latter are used for instance in biomedical engineering, materials science, or

O intelectual público, a ética republicana e a fratura do éthos da ciência

coextension into scientific activities, where they shaped the ethics of science, will be examined in accordance with the typology formulated by Robert K. Merton. The article also focuses on the disappearance of ... .         [ Links ] Ziman, J. M. An introduction to science studies - the philosophical and social aspects of science and technology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984.         [ Links ] ______. Real

A mesoscopic drying model applied to the growth rings of softwood: mesh generation and simulation results

A mesoscopic drying model that enables the drying simulation of quartersawn and flatsawn wood sections consisting of several growth rings is presented. The procedure to generate the virtual board ... . Homogénéisation en mécanique des matériau. Vol. 1 - 2, Hermes Science, Paris.        [ Links ] Bolton, A. J.; Petty, J. A. 1978. A model describing axial flow of liquids through conifer wood. Wood Science and

Nothing else matters? Tree diameter and living status have more effects than biogeoclimatic context on microhabitat number and occurrence: An analysis in French forest reserves

microhabitat types. However, accumulation levels with diameter and occurrence on dead trees were higher for microhabitats linked with wood decay processes (e.g. dead branches or woodpecker feeding holes) than ... in science-based decision making [2]. Identifying such structural features in a tri-dimensional forest environment is quite challenging since their number and variety is potentially infinite. Small

Neandertal fire-making technology inferred from microwear analysis

, previous microwear analyses of these tools have not determined a link between the mineral use-wear and the use traces associated with other activities (e.g. butchery, hide processing, wood working, etc ... the sharp edges were used primarily for butchering animals, but also for other activities like working wood/ vegetal materials, bone and hide41,55. They could also be used to obtain some flakes that

A tribute to José María ("Chema") Cantú

genetics in Guadalajara, in northwestern Mexico. He acted forcefully at national, regional and international levels to promote scientific development through collaboration and education in science and ... , Peru, and in 2007, he was appointed as a member of the Health Committee of the Iberoamerican Program of Science and Technology for Development (CYTED). One of the honors he most valued was that in 2003

Pierre Bourdieu y la perspectiva reflexiva en las ciencias sociales

Science de la science et reflexivité. The aim is to make evident the use of the reflexive perspective proposed by Bourdieu to promote an anthropology which is conscious of its modus operandi and is able to ... particular El oficio del sociólogo, El campo científico (1968), y el último curso al College de France, significativamente titulado Science de la science et reflexivité. El objetivo es evidenciar la utilidad

Novas tecnologias, novas competências

The paper discusses how young people relate to technology, not seen as new or old, but as an instrument to communicate and keep informed, amuse and to help in school projects. Although it is clear ... familiarized with new technology, the focus is on the need to understand the complexity of the new scenario, which requires a deeper understanding of the concepts of interactivity, multimedia, internet and

90,000 year-old specialised bone technology in the Aterian Middle Stone Age of North Africa

different from any other African MSA bone technology. The new find from Dar es-Soltan 1 cave combined with those from El Mnasra suggest the development of a bone technology unique to the Aterian. ... Stone Age bone technology: The case of Sibudu Cave . Journal of Archaeological Science . 2012 ; 39 : 2479 ± 2495 . 46. Henshilwood CS , Sealy JC , Yates R , Cruz-Uribe K , Goldberg P , Grine FE , et al