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Ethics, science and technology

The article aims at thinking the relation between ethics, science and technology, emphasising the problem of their re-linking, after the split into judgements of fact and judgements of value, which ... humanising of technique and the generation of a new man, literate at science, technology and the humanities. Key words: ethics, science, technology, nihilism. RESUMO O artigo visa pensar a relação


Among the many interesting topics in the field of Wood Science and Technology is a fascinating story about research and development on drying wood products with high-frequency electric current ... simulation as a cognitive tool for studying the microwave drying of softwood in an over-sized waveguide. Wood Science and Technology 33: 445-464        [ Links ] Pound, J. 1973. Radio frequency heating in the

Technology and Mathematics

In spite of their practical importance, the connections between technology and mathematics have not received much scholarly attention. This article begins by outlining how the technology–mathematics ... technology Computability Usefulness of mathematics  1 Introduction There is a considerable literature on the relationship between technology and science, but as yet not much has been written on that


dendroclimatology of Picea engelmannii trees. Subsequent laboratories developed applications of X-ray densitometry for environmental, wood science and technology, and related areas. This paper describes the basic ... .        [ Links ] Bucur, V.; Garros, S.; Navarrete, A.; Troya, M.T.; Guyonnet, R. 1997. Kinetics of wood degradation by fungi with X-ray microdensitometry technique. Wood Science and Technology 31:383-389

Across borders: science and technology during the Cold War: an introduction

. The availability of archival and other historical resources, and the recognition that the social history of this period cannot be written without acknowledging the contribution of science and technology ... been fairly acknowledged as a key factor igniting science and technology exchange programs around the world. The IAEA was a crucial intermediary between owners and producers of atomic technoscience, and

Burning wet wood: varieties of non-recognition in energy transitions

One of the most widely accepted rule of thumb of bioenergy production has been that burning wet wood should be avoided. This advice has guided the development of harvesting, logistics and combustion ... wood chip burning. The aim is to analyse various reasons why potentially relevant science-based knowledge may remain non-recognised in public debates and how this absence of information may forestall the

Lights, art, science - action!

The article offers some reflections on the main interactions between theater, science, and technology down through the history of theater. Based on our experience at "Science in the Spotlight", part ... 'science' in its broad sense, encompassing not only the natural but human sciences as well; likewise, we use the word 'technology' as it relates to applied science. Art and science are understood here as

Exploring science-and-technology-led innovation: a cross-country study

Countries can enhance endogenous innovation using multifaceted incentives for science and technology indicators. We explore country-level innovation using OECD data for research and development (R&D ... integrate disparate policies in an effort to drive economic growth through innovation. KeywordsInnovation Patents Science and technology Research and development Exports Panel analysis  Abbreviations IP

When “scary” science “just feels wrong”: how the facts in a masculine fact-based debate couldn’t stop science students’ feminine feelings

The purpose of this study is to discuss notions of femininity and masculinity in situations of argumentation among Swedish upper-secondary students who are studying Natural Science. The empirical ... Medical Research for the Responsible Application of Science and Technology: “It is unfortunately a matter of time before people get sick from unexpected and undetected harmful substances.” Teacher From

Biometrics Applications: Technology, Ethics, and Health Hazards

Thessaloniki , Greece - Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data for authentication purposes. Among the features measured are DNA, face, fingerprints, eye retinas and ... irises, hand geometry, handwriting, veins, and voice[ 1,2 ]. Biometrics has fast emerged as a promising technology for authentication and has already found a place in most hi-tech security areas

Lessons without limit: how free-choice learning is transforming science and technology education

interests. Science learning is an important part of this revolution. Traditional boundaries and roles distinguishing groups of science educators and institutions are disappearing. To not understand and ... production). Science and technology learning is an important part of this educational shift. People engage in science and technology learning every day, across their life spans – at home, at work, and out in

Concurrent visual encounter sampling validates eDNA selectivity and sensitivity for the endangered wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta)

(e.g. imperfect detection). The wood turtle is a cryptic semi-aquatic species that is declining across its range and, like so many chelonian species, is in-need of a rapid and effective method for ... description and attending figure(s) included in the manuscript. However, because the wood turtle in an IUCN endangered species and listed accordingly in most states and provinces within its range, we do not

ITEMAS ontology for healthcare technology innovation

creation and adoption of innovative medical technology in the Spanish healthcare system. The methodology applied is based on the methontology process, including peer-review identification and selection of ... . Accessed 19 Apr 2019.OECD. Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities: Manual on the Measurement of Human

Science by social media: Attitudes towards climate change are mediated by perceived social consensus

in the dissemination of contrarian positions that question mainstream climate science. The effect of this content on people’s attitudes is not fully understood. In particular, it is unknown how the ... partially funded by the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group under a Collaborative Agreement 8382. Publisher’s note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps

Taking the next step: supporting postdocs to develop an independent path in academia

BackgroundIn the USA, 28.5% of the population is considered underrepresented minority (URM) population; however, fewer than 8 % of US’ research faculty in science, technology, engineering, and ... underrepresented minority participation: America’s science and technology talent at the crossroads, 2011). In order to diversify the faculty, Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Professorial Advancement Initiative (PAI

Science and fiction in critical care: established concepts with or without evidence?

delirium. Modern concepts based on adequate analgesia and moderate to no sedation appear to be more suitable. In conclusion, dogmas are still common in clinical practice. Since science rather than fiction ... implies that we should be (self-)critical and open minded to ensure that science, rather than fiction, governs our actions in critical care. Abbreviations AKI:  Acute kidney injury CK :  Creatine

Scoping implementation science for the beginner: locating yourself on the “subway line” of translational research

Beginners to the discipline of implementation science often struggle to determine whether their research questions “count” as implementation science. In this paper, three implementation scientists ... questions “count” as implementation science. Main text In this paper, three implementation scientists share a heuristic tool to help investigators determine where their research questions fall in the

Developing as a College Science Teacher: Using Identity to Examine Transformation

Guided by identity theory, this study investigated how a college biology professor’s early career experiences contributed to the transformation of his identity as a college science teacher. This ... level instruction is to maintain a balance between the need to improve scientific literacy to create better educated citizens and the goal of supporting those who desire careers in science, technology

Wood-like polymeric materials by ice templating

great challenge [3]. A team led by Shu-Hong Yu at the University of Science and Technology of China have recently made progress in the mass production of a family of multifunctional porous polymers whose ... : phenolic wood and melamine wood. Figure reproduced from [4] (CC BY-NC 4.0 license). REFERENCES 1. Deville S , Saiz E , Nalla RK et al. . Science   2006 ; 311 : 515 – 8

Concepts of science and education: contributions from the history of science to the formation of teachers

science to the formation of teachers Gabriela Marko1 Ermelinda Moutinho Pataca1 1- Universidade de São Paulo, São ... educadores; Pedagogia Abstract In the field of science teaching, over the last decades, theoretical reflections and practical activities have been developed in order to incorporate the approach of