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Critical Race Science and Critical Race Philosophy of Science

Over several decades, feminist philosophy of science has revealed the ways in which much of science has proceeded from “mainstream” assumptions that privilege men and other hierarchically ... research questions we ask and the answers we look for.21 19. See Alison Wylie, Why Standpoint Matters, in SCIENCE AND OTHER CULTURES: ISSUES IN PHILOSOPHIES OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (Robert Figueroa


The ground-breaking report on forensic science by the National Academy of Sciences—Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward—raised numerous issues. One dominant theme that ... . Thornton, supra note 22, at 27. 31. Joseph D. Nicol, Present Status of Criminalistics, in LAW ENFORCEMENT, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 245 (S.A. Yefsky ed., 1967); see also Charles M. Wilson, Crime Detec [Vol

Science Can Get the Confession

inclusion in Fordham Law Review by an authorized editor of FLASH: The F ordham Law Archive of Scholarship and History. For more information , please contact Recommended Citation Walter G. Summers, Science ... confession induced thereby~l 7. Id. at 1014. 8. See State v. Bohner, 210 Wis. 651, 656, 246 N. W. 314, 317 (1933). 9. Id. at 657, 246 N. W. 314, at 318. 10. Green, Can Science Legally Get the Confession (1935


This article argues that many judges lack the capacity to distinguish between experts witnesses who make use of rigorous scientific research and those who rely on "junk science ... The rush of science and technology and post-Daubert confusion in the courts have robbed this admonition of much of its worth when it comes to claims based on scientific evidence. I am bold to suggest

The Lethal Injection Debate: Law and Science

1 Deborah THE LETHAL INJECTION DEBATE: LAW AND SCIENCE INTRODUCTION Deborah W. Denno * On April 1 6, 2008 , for the first time in six decades, the United States Supreme Court reviewed evidence

The Nexus Between Technology and Problem Solving

Mina Kimmerling Rand Institute for Criminal Justice Mark Thompson THE NEXUS BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY AND PROBLEM SOLVING PANELISTS James McMillan National Centerfor State Courts Robert T. Russell Buffalo ... justice. I hope that that is true; that technology can eliminate the mundane; that technology eliminates all that time-sucking work of filling out forms, collecting information, and all those kinds of

Keynote Address Digital Technology and Digital Piracy Issues

case, and the government position is that it does not. It is available on our web site, and I would urge you to take a look at it.6 Digital technology and digital piracy are issues that have consumed ... the copyright community for most of the past decade. Much of the 1990s was spent in policy circles trying to come up with a way to meet some of the challenges of digital technology. Now, what are these

Legal and Technical Standards in Digital Rights Management Technology

AND TECHNICAL STANDARDS IN DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Dan L. Burk* INTRODUCTION Copyright and similar exclusive rights regimes have long been mainstays of innovation policy, purporting to ... . Digitization eliminates much of the physical character of creative works, embodying creativity as ethereal bits rather than material atoms. As digital technology proliferates and becomes increasingly

Tacit Knowledge Transfer with Patent Law: Exploring Clean Technology Transfers

:449 INTRODUCTION [T]echnology transfer takes place within a broader context of technological change. A useful image is a drop of water (the transferred technology) hitting the surface of a pond. The ... pond represents the technological capacity of the country receiving the transferred technology. In the long term, it is the ripples that spread across the pond as a result of the transferred technology

Dispute Resolution as Institutionalization in International Trade and Infromation Technology

fundamentally different from irrational adjudication in its strict adherence to principles. 49 The last combination, formal rationality, corresponds to adjudication under "the legal science of the Pandectists

A Long-Overdue Reform: China’s Grant-Back Regime in Technology Transfer

Technology transfer occurs when the owner of a technology grants access to that technology to another party. Today, companies consider technologies—as opposed to physical assets—the most important ... Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights to Eliminate or Restrict Competition (“IP Rights Guidelines”),53 and the National Medium- and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Science and Technology (“MLP”).54

Lobbying the Supreme Court—An Appraisal of "Political Science Folklore"

* Associate Professor of Political Science, State University of New York at Binghamton. 1. E.g., Murphy, Courts as Small Groups, 79 Harv. L. Rev. 1565 (1966). 2. A current symposium on this subject contains

Suing the News Media in the Age of Tabloid Journalism: L. Lin Wood and the Battle for Accountability

:// Entertainment; Law - 2005 Article 3 VOLUME XVI BOOK 2 Suing the News Media in the Age of Tabloid Wood and the Battle for Accountability Suing the News Media in the Age of Tabloid ... first blush, they are united by the attorney that helped bring those settlements to fruition for both plaintiffs—L. Lin Wood. But the Atlanta-based litigator is no stranger to representing plaintiffs

Jurisdictional Challenges in the United States Government’s Move to Cloud Computing Technology

competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology.”178 The ITL has released for public comment two proposed roadmaps that “define[] high-priority requirements for standards, official ... Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Salvador, Braz., Apr. 12–19, 2010, Recent Developments in the Use of Science and Technology by Offenders and by Competent Authorities in Fighting

Technology and Intellectual Property: Out of Sync or Hope for the Future?

Law Journal is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). Entertainment; Law - 2013 Article 8 VOLUME XXIII BOOK 1 Technology and Intellectual Property ... lessons about both the impact of technological inventions on the law, and the impact of law on new technology. This historical perspective is worth noting as we survey the recent past and look to the

Math & Science Are Core to IDEAs: Breaking the Racial and Poverty Lines

Workforce: A New Reform in Science and Technology Education, 43 J. RES. SCI. TEACHING 349, 350 (2006) (‘‘Science and technology education must be seen as essential to achieving the desired workforce ... disabilities through communication and language arts skills.15 Conversely, while math and science remain core subject areas, these academic subjects have been less accessible to students, particularly urban

Advancing Science While Protecting Developing Countries from Exloitation of Their Resources and Knowledge

Entertainment Law Journal is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 2003 Article 6 VOLUME XIII BOOK 3 NOTE Advancing Science While Protecting Developing ... approaches legislative bodies have taken to equitably allocate rights. Part II addresses the conflicts presented between advancing science and recognizing developing countries’ sovereign rights over the use of

Trends and Challenges in Lawyer Regulation: The Impact of Globalization and Technology

:// Conversation_with_Gordon_Moore.pdf. For a brief discussion of the impact of technology on lawyers, see Minutes of April 29–30, 2010 Meeting of the ABA ... can arise when conflicts rules and regulations differ. Finally, regulators must respond to the impact of technology on law practice and lawyer regulation, including the growth in cloud computing

Panel III: Trade Secrets and Other Avenues for Protection of Advanced Technology

also like to welcome you to our third and final panel of the day, in which our panelists will be discussing other avenues of IP protection for advanced technology. On that note, I would like to thank ... Bilski, but generally for protection of technology that people often don’t think of for that purpose and really for very good reasons that relate to the functionality issues that were discussed this

Arbitration of Patent Disputes: An Important Option in the Age of Information Technology

complex that legal minds, without appropriate grounding in science and technology, may have difficulty in reaching a decision."57 Assocs., Inc., 462 N.E.2d 1188 (N.Y. 1984) (holding that matter must be ... term "information technology" is becoming more and more prevalent,' as the interaction of the computer, telephone, cable and television industries creates new opportunities to share information and