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When “scary” science “just feels wrong”: how the facts in a masculine fact-based debate couldn’t stop science students’ feminine feelings

The purpose of this study is to discuss notions of femininity and masculinity in situations of argumentation among Swedish upper-secondary students who are studying Natural Science. The empirical ... Medical Research for the Responsible Application of Science and Technology: “It is unfortunately a matter of time before people get sick from unexpected and undetected harmful substances.” Teacher From

Biometrics Applications: Technology, Ethics, and Health Hazards

Thessaloniki , Greece - Biometrics is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data for authentication purposes. Among the features measured are DNA, face, fingerprints, eye retinas and ... irises, hand geometry, handwriting, veins, and voice[ 1,2 ]. Biometrics has fast emerged as a promising technology for authentication and has already found a place in most hi-tech security areas

ITEMAS ontology for healthcare technology innovation

creation and adoption of innovative medical technology in the Spanish healthcare system. The methodology applied is based on the methontology process, including peer-review identification and selection of ... . Accessed 19 Apr 2019.OECD. Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities: Manual on the Measurement of Human

Science by social media: Attitudes towards climate change are mediated by perceived social consensus

in the dissemination of contrarian positions that question mainstream climate science. The effect of this content on people’s attitudes is not fully understood. In particular, it is unknown how the ... partially funded by the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group under a Collaborative Agreement 8382. Publisher’s note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps

Scoping implementation science for the beginner: locating yourself on the “subway line” of translational research

Beginners to the discipline of implementation science often struggle to determine whether their research questions “count” as implementation science. In this paper, three implementation scientists ... questions “count” as implementation science. Main text In this paper, three implementation scientists share a heuristic tool to help investigators determine where their research questions fall in the

Science and fiction in critical care: established concepts with or without evidence?

delirium. Modern concepts based on adequate analgesia and moderate to no sedation appear to be more suitable. In conclusion, dogmas are still common in clinical practice. Since science rather than fiction ... implies that we should be (self-)critical and open minded to ensure that science, rather than fiction, governs our actions in critical care. Abbreviations AKI:  Acute kidney injury CK :  Creatine

Developing as a College Science Teacher: Using Identity to Examine Transformation

Guided by identity theory, this study investigated how a college biology professor’s early career experiences contributed to the transformation of his identity as a college science teacher. This ... level instruction is to maintain a balance between the need to improve scientific literacy to create better educated citizens and the goal of supporting those who desire careers in science, technology

Communicating science for clean technology

finding reviewers willing to read a manuscript and the complexity, length, and overuse of jargons and acronyms in its title and abstract. While clean technology research is technical by nature, this journal ... forces us, as authors, to distill our ideas to their core meaning, improving our own mastery of a subject.   The importance of science communication extends well beyond the academic publishing

Sequencing of human genomes with nanopore technology

challenging repetitive regions of the genome7 and in phasing and the detection of complex structural variation8, but relatively high cost and low throughput have so far limited the technology?s adoption. All ... sequencing using a single technology. To evaluate the potential of nanopore sequencing for clinical human genomics we have sequenced two human genomes across multiple runs of the portable MinION device. We

130th anniversary of Institut Pasteur: celebrating science

years ago, the Institut Pasteur opened its doors, following Louis Pasteur's successful international appeal for funds. This special issue celebrates Science conducted at the Institut Pasteur today. The

A New Wireless Generation Technology for Video Streaming

tested to provide a large number of users of video/data application with more speed and best quality. A comparison with 4G technology is done to assign the development regarding number of users with data ... ), Wi-Fi, and WiMAX. Wireless networks depend on the IP protocol, which means that this protocol in the network layer expresses all data transmission. 4G technology is mainly the extension of the


 ] Kercher AK, Nagle DC. TGA modeling of the thermal decomposition of CCA treated lumber waste. Wood Science and Technology. 2001;35(4):325-41. [ Links ] Kim HS, Kim S, Kim HJ, Yang HS. Thermal properties ... components and cellulose crystallite size. Bioresource Technology. 2012;109:48-153. [ Links ] Popescu MC, Popescu CM, Lisa G, Sakata Y. Evaluation of morphological and chemical aspects of different wood

Perspectives in European cooperation in biological oceanography

installations for international projects. The further integration of European marine science will presumably lead to the establishment of technology centres, and possibly to European research vessels. The new ... : Why cooperation in biological o c e a n o g r a p h y ? The q u i c k a n s w e r is: It is "in" and it pays. International cooperation in science recently b e c a m e a buzz-word - almost like global

Developing an After-School Program to Increase STEM Interest, Awareness and Knowledge of Minority Females in a Title I Middle School

Educators, politicians and industry professionals note that the number of opportunities for workers in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields grow exponentially over time ... workforce, bolstering the nation?s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce is essential? (National Education Association, 2016). As an example, the United States Department of Commerce

Advocating for Science: Amici Curiae Brief of Wetland and Water Scientists in Support of the Clean Water Rule

by science. The best available science supports the Clean Water Rule’s categorical treatment of tributaries because compelling scientific evidence demonstrates that tributaries significantly affect the ... pollution, particularly nitrate. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 27:285–317. CrossRefGoogle Scholar Fletcher TD, Vietz G, Walsh CJ (2014

Evaluation of the Impact of Technology Scaling on Delay Testing for Low-Cost AVS

With the continued down-scaling of IC technology and increase in manufacturing process variations, it is becoming ever more difficult to accurately estimate circuit performance of manufactured ... transition fault testing (TF), error of 3.96% for small delay defect testing (SDD), and an error as low as 1.85% using path delay testing (PDLY). In addition, the paper also shows the impact of technology

Discrimination of native wood charcoal by infrared spectroscopy

is based on its anatomical characteristics and therefore demands specialists in wood anatomy, who are becoming increasingly rare. Recently, studies involving antracology have been undertaken to ... identify the origin of charcoal.5 In such studies the botanical determination of charcoal is based on the anatomical structure of wood, using reference collections of wood cuttings and of carbonized wood

Indonesian mega-science agency in the balance as election begins

national election that pits two old rivals against each other. The stakes are high for science. President Joko Widodo says that if he is re-elected, he will overhaul how much of the country’s research is ... organized and funded. The main opposition candidate has been silent on science so far. Widodo first ran against former military general and nationalist Prabowo Subianto in 2014. In this year’s rematch on 17

Scientific integrity, trust in science, and independence of research

First Online: 05 April 2019 48 Downloads Science in crisis? Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of APIS impact factor with this Special Jubilee Issue is shadowed by the apparent ... marginalization of and lack of trust in science in public life, and in political decision-making. In leading countries that foster scientific excellence, such as the United States, United Kingdom, and my home