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Wood-like polymeric materials by ice templating

great challenge [3]. A team led by Shu-Hong Yu at the University of Science and Technology of China have recently made progress in the mass production of a family of multifunctional porous polymers whose ... : phenolic wood and melamine wood. Figure reproduced from [4] (CC BY-NC 4.0 license). REFERENCES 1. Deville S , Saiz E , Nalla RK et al. . Science   2006 ; 311 : 515 – 8

Taking stock of fisheries science through oral history: voices from NOAA’s Fishery Science Centers

science and policy. One of the important methods for informing such an historical perspective is through the use of oral histories, long used by social scientists for insight into local knowledge, lived ... science in the United States, and the unique platform it offers for introspective reflection on where marine sciences are today, where they have been, and where they might like to go. We discuss the

European Federation of Animal Science

EAAP is the International Federation of Animal Science for Europe and the Mediterranean area. Join EAAP and become member of the most exciting international animal science network and then ... most European scientists and the membership fee for scientists from non EAAP member countries is very modest. Copyright © 2019 American Society of Animal Science This article is published and

Technology and Transitional Justice

This Special Issue of the Journal sought to provide an opportunity for the transitional justice community to reflect on the current research and applications of technology in the field, and to ... prepare for a future in which it will be increasingly difficult to implement and conduct research on transitional justice without engaging with technology at both a practical and a theoretical level. There

Witch-finding: from 17th century science to 21st century superstition

distorted the historical authenticity of modern science. In the 1600s, the interaction between beliefs in the supernatural and science was more nuanced. Founding members of the Royal Society sought to ... treatment or causality of illnesses well into the eighteenth century (if not beyond). A primary example of this complex interaction between science and the supernatural is English witchcraft theory, which was

News from the Canadian Society of Animal Science

students to attend annual meetings. ? Discounted cost of registration for annual meetings. ? Reduced cost to subscribe to Canadian Journal of Animal Science (CJAS). ? Discounted page charges for accepted ... among professional animal science societies globally. ? On-line access to the membership list. ? Participation in membership discussions on CSAS events/activities/issues - Visit:

Implementation Science in Nutrition: Concepts and Frameworks for an Emerging Field of Science and Practice

with the scale and quality needed to achieve population impact. This paper presents an approach to implementation science in nutrition (ISN) that builds upon concepts developed in other policy domains ... innovations; and strategies to enhance the utilization of existing knowledge, tools, and frameworks based on the evolving science of implementation. The ISN framework recognizes that quality implementation

News from the Canadian Society of Animal Science

Annual Meeting, a new executive board was sworn in to pilot the affairs of the association for one year. Standing from left to right: Dr. Katie Wood (Eastern Director), Dr. Daniel Columbus (Western ... Animal Science and the Canadian Society of Animal Science (ASAS-CSAS) took place in Vancouver, Canada (July 8 to 12) with a strong presence of Canadian scientists, students and professionals. Canadian

Funding system reform for excellence in science: an interview with Jinghai Li, President of NSFC

growth in China's science and technology (S&T). In the second half of 2018, NSFC unveiled a deep reform plan that aims to build a fair, efficient and standardized new funding system that meets the demands ... wide-ranging impact on the development of China's science and technology, particularly, for transdisciplinarity. We hope to have the understanding, support and help of the scientific community on this

Investigating the Sleep–Pain Relationship in Youth with Sickle Cell Utilizing mHealth Technology

actigraph sleep assessments, particularly as sleep actigraphy technology continues to evolve. Another significant aspect of the Pain–Sleep relationship model was the influence of age on sleep variables and ... technology should allow for better integration of EMA and actigraphy data. For example, there are a number of actigraphs currently on the market that allow individuals to answer brief, repeated daily surveys

Algorithmic Government: Automating Public Services and Supporting Civil Servants in using Data Science Technologies

The data science technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data and behavioral/predictive analytics, and blockchain are poised to revolutionize government and create ... : Implications for Governments and Business. OECD Publishing, Paris.

Subsidies for Agricultural Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment with Improved Grain Storage Bags in Uganda

This article addresses the question of whether subsidizing an entirely new agricultural technology for smallholder farmers can aid its adoption early in the diffusion process. Based on a theoretical ... theoretical framework for technology adoption under subjective uncertainty, we implemented a randomized field experiment among 1,200 smallholders in Uganda to estimate the extent to which subsidizing an

Implementation Science in the Field of Nutrition: Why Is It So Relevant?

globally (1). Unfortunately, this demand has not been met, in large part because the effort requires application of complex principles and methods from the emerging area of implementation science, and until ... Developments in Nutrition (CDN) set as a high priority stimulating the submission of high-quality research studies involving implementation science. As a start CDN commissioned the recently formed Society for

AC–DC Electropenetrography for In-depth Studies of Feeding and Oviposition Behaviors

advances in EPG technology via the third-generation, alternating current–direct current (AC–DC) monitor (electropenetrograph) are opening new doors to expand the science into all types of arthropod feeding ... stylets because most insects studied to date using the technology discussed have been hemipterans, whose piercing-sucking mouthparts are called stylets. However, all concepts demonstrated below can be

Robotic Guidance for the Insertion of Posterior Pedicle Screws: 2-Dimensional Operative Video

Recent years have shown an increase in implementing robotics in surgical procedures. Utilizing robotic technology in spine surgery remains limited in comparison to other surgical fields. We present a ... . We present a surgical video of minimally invasive robotic-assisted insertion of posterior pedicle screws using the newest generation robotic technology (Mazor X, Mazor Robotics Ltd, Caesarea, Israel

Assessing Insect Flight Behavior in the Laboratory: A Primer on Flight Mill Methodology and What Can Be Learned

1950s has been the insect flight mill. Nearly 260 studies have been published using flight mills covering 214 species in 61 families and 9 orders. This review explores the methodology and technology of ... technology of tethered flight in insects using flight mills. The goal is to provide the reader with a historical context of the approach, an understanding of the available tools and technology, background on

Information Overload: How Technology Can Help Convert Raw Data into Rich Information for Transitional Justice Processes

valuable and actors need to adopt new technology to preserve, interpret and present it for future use. We consider the Sri Lanka Conflict Mapping and Archive Project and suggest future options for ... for implementing technology in preparatory work for transitional justice processes. Technology can increase the efficiency of acquiring and systematizing data, and it can facilitate speed and

Meta-science urgently needed across the environmental nexus: a comment on Berger-Tal et al.

and social science not yet realized universally in other disciplines which are newer to evidence synthesis. Clearly, behavioral ecology as a discipline has commonality with both behavioral sciences and ... -science (nee meta-research or meta-epidemiology) to underpin methodological guidance. There is increasing realization and dissatisfaction with the irony that much guidance on evidence synthesis is expert

Ensuring trust in nutrition science: request for stakeholder input

committed to ensuring transparency and objectivity in our practices as a Society, as well as in the entire field of nutrition science. We strive to work collaboratively with various stakeholders across ... sectors and disciplines while maintaining transparency and scientific rigor in nutrition science. For example, in 2015, ASN developed 12 principles for promoting successful research public–private

Professionalization of bibliometric research assessment. Insights from the history of the Leiden Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS)

Cologne , Germany 2 Interdisciplinary Center for Science and Technology Studies, University of Wuppertal , Wuppertal, 42119 , Germany *Corresponding author: Email: Science and Public Policy 2018, doi