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Once Were Science Teachers

This paper explores the development of three pre-service science teacher educators ... critical incidents in their development of science teachers that has impacted on the manner in which they teach about teaching in a teacher preparation program. The study draws on self-study methodology by

Technology and Teaching: A Conversation among Faculty Regarding the Pros and Cons of Technology

Technology is often touted as the savior of education (Collins & Haverson, 2009). However, is technology the panacea that it is made out to be? This paper is an extended conversation among a group of

Why Video? How Technology Advances Method

This paper reports on the use of video to enhance qualitative research. Advances in technology have improved our ability to capture lived experiences through visual means. I reflect on my previous ... Science Research, and is currently editing a book on using video technology in research. The author can be contacted at Environmental Psychology, The Graduate School and University Center, The City

Administrator Insights and Reflections: Technology Integration in Schools

There are numerous technology tools that educators utilize to support student learning. Often, technology is mandated from the top down with school administrators’ responsible for overseeing the

Connecting Research with Communities through Performative Social Science

A pioneer in Performative Social Science, Kip Jones makes a case for the potential of arts-based social science to reach audiences and engage communities. Jones contextualises both the use of the ... - C Perform ative Research with Social Science Kip Jones Follow this and additional works at: Thi s Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the The Qual

Using Technology to Enhance Qualitative Research with Hidden Populations

Advances in technology provide researchers with increased opportunities to locate and conduct research with populations that have historically been inaccessible. This manuscript de scribes the ... of these technological innovations as well an exploration of the ethical issues related to using technology to enhance the research experience with members of hidden populations, using the GLBT

Teacher Technology Narratives: Native Hawaiian Views on Education and Change

Papahana Kaiapuni, within the Hawai‘i public school system. The teachers describe change over time in HLIP with a focus on technology and their perceptions of how it has enhanced preservation of the Hawaiian ... Education and Change. Th e 4 Keywords Hawaiian Language, Immersion Schools, Native Hawaiian, Teaching, Technology, Narrative Research , Storytelling Follow this and additional works at: http

Twenty Years of Technology Integration and Foreign Language Teaching: A Phenomenological Reflective Interview Study

The evolution of the use of technology in the foreign language classroom has proven to be a challenge. In this paper, we highlight a study whose purpose is to understand how one retired foreign ... of theory and research (Vol. XXIV, pp. 105 - 150 ). Dordect, The Netherlands: Springer. Bhattacharyya , S. , & Bhattacharya , K. ( 2009 ). Technology-integrated project-based approach in science

A Typology of Mixed Methods Sampling Designs in Social Science Research

Intervention , 23 , 116 - 132 . Liddy , E. D. ( 2000 ). Text mining . Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science & Technology , 27 ( 1 ), 14 - 16 . Lincoln , Y. S. , & Denzin . N. K. ( 2000 ). The ... ), 281-316. Retrieved from - A in Social Science Research esigns Article 9 Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons

Results of a Case Study on Information Technology at a University

) presented a proposed methodology based on the literature and an application of the methodology in an information technology case. The current article will present a suggested format for reporting case ... contacted at Fairfield University School of Business, Fairfield, CT 06430. His email address is . Danziger , J. ( 1985 ). Social science and the social impacts of computer technology . Social Science

YouTube Integration in Science Classes: Understanding Its Roots, Ways, and Selection Criteria

YouTube for the improvement of science education encourage science teachers to utilize it in the teaching-learning process. This investigation was then effected to generate an understanding of science ... . , & Lin , Y. R. ( 2014 ). Enhancing students' NOS views and science knowledge using Facebook-based scientific news . Educational Technology & Society , 17 ( 4 ), 289 - 301 . Kennedy , M. ( 2006 ). A guide

Organizational and Developmental Dynamics of Project Review Teams in Technology Environmen

of Business and Public Management in Washington, D.C. His primary field of study is Management of Science, Technology and Innovation and his supporting field is Strategic Management. Mr. Wilbon has a

Opening the Ears that Science Closed: Transforming Qualitative Data Using Oral Coding

The Qualitative Report Ears that Science Closed: Q ualitative D ata Using Oral C oding Qualitative Report 0 1 James A. Bernauer 0 1 Bernauer, J. A. (2015). Opening the Ears that Science Closed ... , 2015) where I first formalized the steps in “oral coding.” The first part of the title of this article (“Opening the Ears that Science Closed”) is intended to convey the changes that have occurred in

Understanding a Pakistani Science Teacher's Practice Through a Life History Study

The purpose of the single case life history study was to understand a female science teacher's conceptions of the nature of science as explicit in her practice. While this paper highlights these ... . International Journal of Science Education , 17 ( 3 ), 399 - 410 . Pedretti , E. ( 1996 ). Facilitating action research in science, technology and society (STS) education: An experience in reflective practice

An Ethnographic-Case Study of Beliefs, Context Factors, and Practices of Teachers Integrating Technology

This ethnographic-case study explored the beliefs, context factors, and practices of three middle school exemplary teachers that led to a technology-enriched curriculum. Findings suggest that these ... appeared that science teachers were using technology more frequently. Purposeful sampling (Patton, 1990) provided maximum insight and understanding of technology integration in middle school classrooms. It

Thorough and Thought-provoking: A Review of Packer’s The Science of Qualitative Research

The conflict between qualitative and quantitative directions in educational research is not new; however, this debate has resurfaced in the accountability era. The Science of Qualitative Research by ... the roots of scientific social research and common misconceptions about qualitative analysis Key Words: Qualitative Research, Qualitative Analysis, Scientific Research, Social Science. In educational

Successful with STEM? A Qualitative Case Study of Pre-Service Teacher Perceptions

This research is a qualitative case study of pre-service teachers’ experiences with a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) module during a middle level interdisciplinary course in ... STEM in middle level teacher preparation. Keywords: STEM, Middle Level Education, Teacher Preparation, Case Study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education is at the forefront

Critical Examinations of the Known and the Unknown in Social Science: Where Do We Go from Here?

If the use of social science assumptions and beliefs is what helped set fields of professional practice on the quest for recognition in the academy, what does the recent outpouring of publications on

A Case of One Professor's Teaching and Use of Nature of Science in an Introductory Chemistry Course

In this article I provide a qualitative analysis of one faculty's teaching and answer the following research question: How does one chemistry professor who teaches introductory science incorporate ... ). National science educational standards . Washington, DC: National Academy Press. National Science Teachers Association [NSTA]. ( 1982 ). Science-technology-society: Science education of the 1980's

Minority Students’ Perspectives on Chemistry in an Alternative High School

proportional to their population; they are noticeably absent from the physical science fields. Little research has explored the circumstances that Latino students encounter in high school chemistry. In this ... Teaching and Learning in the West (CLTW), a National Science Foundation project, ESIE Award #0119786. This article is available in The Qualitative Report: