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Microbial hydrolytic enzyme activities in deep-sea sediments

The potential hydrolysis rates of five different hydrolytic enzymes were determined in deep-sea sediments from the northeast Atlantic (BIOTRANS area) in March 1992. Fluorogenic substrates were used to assay extracellular α- and β-glucosidase, chitobiase, lipase and aminopeptidase. The potential activity of most of the enzymes investigated decreased to a minimum within the upper...

In situ development of a methanotrophic microbiome in deep-sea sediments

with deep-sea Wood Falls. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0169906 ArticlePubMedPubMed Central Google Scholar61. Ruff SE, Felden J, Marcon Y, Ramette A, Boetius A. Development of bacterial and archaeal communities in ... from soils of diverse composition. Appl Environ Microbiol. 1996;62:316–22. PubMedPubMed Central Google Scholar82. Ruff SE, Ramette A, Boetius A. Metadata und statistical analysis of archaeal and

High-resolution mapping of large gas emitting mud volcanoes on the Egyptian continental margin (Nile Deep Sea Fan) by AUV surveys

. Foucher Ifremer, Geosciences Marines , Plouzane, France 3 The Quest ROV Team Marum, University of Bremen , Bremen, Germany 4 C. Marfia The AsterX AUV Team Ifremer/GENAVIR, La Seyne/Mer, France 5 A. Boetius