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Látices retangulares

This paper presents the analysis of a simple rectangular lattice with two replications of the basic group X and Y. It is recalled that the rectangular lattices permit the comparison of k(k+1) progenies in breeding programs and help to complete the series of numbers of progenies that can be compared through lattices and incomplete block designs.

Adubação do milho: XVIII - Ensaios com diversos fosfatos (4.ª série.)

In this fourth paper on phosphorus fertilizers for corn the authors report the results obtained in four experiments located on different sites of the State of São Paulo, in which superphosphate was compared with three ground rock phosphates, the comparison being based on their contents of total P2O5. While one experiment was annual, the others were conducted for two, two and five...

Amostragem de solo para estudos de fertilidade

The following methods of collecting soil samples for fertility studies were compared : 1) thirty individual samples covering the whole area ; 2) ten composite samples, each consisting of five individual samples, covering the whole area ; 3) five composite samples, each consisting of 20 individual samples, covering the whole area. The three types of samples were collected in each...