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Impact of the heavy-quark matching scales in PDF fits

17. O. Zenaiev, PoS DIS2016 , 033 ( 2016 ) 18. V. Bertone , S. Carrazza , J. Rojo , Comput. Phys. Commun . 185 , 1647 ( 2014 ). 2014 . 03 .007 19. V. Bertone , A. Glazov

Resequencing and fine-mapping of the chromosome 12q13-14 locus associated with multiple sclerosis refines the number of implicated genes

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. Susceptibility to the disease is affected by both environmental and genetic factors. Genetic factors include haplotypes in the histocompatibility complex (MHC) and over 50 non-MHC loci reported by genome-wide association studies. Amongst these, we previously reported polymorphisms in...

Isotope dependence of the Zeeman effect in lithium-like calcium

BlockDepartment of Physics, St Petersburg State University, Ulianovskaya 1, Petrodvorets, St Petersburg 198504, RussiaStanislav Chenmarev, Dmitry A. Glazov, Yuri N. Novikov, Vladimir M. Shabaev & Andrey V ... . VolotkaDepartment of Physics, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Technische Universität Dresden, Mommsenstraße 13, 01062 Dresden, GermanyDmitry A. Glazov & Andrey V. VolotkaInstitute for Theoretical and Experimental

QCD analysis of W- and Z-boson production at Tevatron

Recent measurements of the W-boson charge asymmetry and of the Z-boson production cross sections, performed at the Tevatron collider in Run II by the D0 and CDF collaborations, are studied using the HERAFitter framework to assess their impact on the proton parton distribution functions (PDFs). The Tevatron measurements, together with deep-inelastic scattering data from HERA, are...

Origin, Evolution, and Biological Role of miRNA Cluster in DLK-DIO3 Genomic Region in Placental Mammals

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a rapidly growing family of small regulatory RNAs modulating gene expression in plants and animals. In animals, most of the miRNAs discovered in early studies were found to be evolutionarily conserved across the whole kingdom. More recent studies, however, have identified many miRNAs that are specific to a particular group of organisms or even a single...

Repertoire of Bovine miRNA and miRNA-Like Small Regulatory RNAs Expressed upon Viral Infection

MicroRNA (miRNA) and other types of small regulatory RNAs play a crucial role in the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotes. Several distinct classes of small regulatory RNAs have been discovered in recent years. To extend the repertoire of small RNAs characterized in mammals and to examine relationship between host miRNA expression and viral infection we used Illumina's...

Integrated genome-wide chromatin occupancy and expression analyses identify key myeloid pro-differentiation transcription factors repressed by Myb

To gain insight into the mechanisms by which the Myb transcription factor controls normal hematopoiesis and particularly, how it contributes to leukemogenesis, we mapped the genome-wide occupancy of Myb by chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by massively parallel sequencing (ChIP-Seq) in ERMYB myeloid progenitor cells. By integrating the genome occupancy data with whole genome...

Analysis of the complement and molecular evolution of tRNA genes in cow

Background Detailed information regarding the number and organization of transfer RNA (tRNA) genes at the genome level is becoming readily available with the increase of DNA sequencing of whole genomes. However the identification of functional tRNA genes is challenging for species that have large numbers of repetitive elements containing tRNA derived sequences, such as Bos taurus...

Whole-Exome Re-Sequencing in a Family Quartet Identifies POP1 Mutations As the Cause of a Novel Skeletal Dysplasia

Recent advances in DNA sequencing have enabled mapping of genes for monogenic traits in families with small pedigrees and even in unrelated cases. We report the identification of disease-causing mutations in a rare, severe, skeletal dysplasia, studying a family of two healthy unrelated parents and two affected children using whole-exome sequencing. The two affected daughters have...

Expression of distinct RNAs from 3′ untranslated regions

The 3′ untranslated regions (3′UTRs) of eukaryotic genes regulate mRNA stability, localization and translation. Here, we present evidence that large numbers of 3′UTRs in human, mouse and fly are also expressed separately from the associated protein-coding sequences to which they are normally linked, likely by post-transcriptional cleavage. Analysis of CAGE (capped analysis of...

Diffractive dijet production with a leading proton in ep collisions at HERA

/theses list.html, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Bruxelles Belgium ( 2010 ) [DESY-THESIS-2010-045] [INSPIRE]. [53] A. Glazov , N. Raicevic and A. Zhokin , Fast simulation of showers in the H1 calorimeter

Measurement of multijet production in \({e\!\!\;p}\) collisions at high \(\varvec{Q^2}\) and determination of the strong coupling \(\varvec{{\alpha _s}} \)

. Dainton K. Daum 1 m C. Diaconu M. Dobre V. Dodonov A. Dossanov G. Eckerlin S. Egli 2 E. Elsen L. Favart A. Fedotov J. Feltesse J. Ferencei M. Fleischer A. Fomenko E. Gabathuler J. Gayler S. Ghazaryan A ... . Glazov L. Goerlich N. Gogitidze M. Gouzevitch n C. Grab 3 A. Grebenyuk T. Greenshaw G. Grindhammer D. Haidt R. C. W. Henderson M. Herbst J. Hladk y` D. Hoffmann R. Horisberger 2 T. Hreus F. Huber M

Measurement of beauty photoproduction near threshold using di-electron events with the H1 detector at HERA

. Fleischer 8 A. Fomenko 30 E. Gabathuler 0 J. Gayler 8 S. Ghazaryan 8 A. Glazov 8 L. Goerlich 19 N. Gogitidze 30 M. Gouzevitch 8 C. Grab 39 A. Grebenyuk 8 T. Greenshaw 0 G. Grindhammer 31 S. Habib 8 D. Haidt 8

Inclusive deep inelastic scattering at high Q 2 with longitudinally polarised lepton beams at HERA

ABSTRACT Inclusive e ± p single and double differential cross sections for neutral and charged current deep inelastic scattering processes are measured with the H1 detector at HERA. The data were taken at a centre-of-mass energy of \( \sqrt {s} = {319} \) GeV with a total integrated luminosity of 333.7 pb−1 shared between two lepton beam charges and two longitudinal lepton...

Inclusive measurement of diffractive deep-inelastic scattering at HERA

7 A. Fomenko 27 E. Gabathuler 2 J. Gayler 7 S. Ghazaryan 7 A. Glazov 7 L. Goerlich 13 N. Gogitidze 27 M. Gouzevitch 7 C. Grab 40 A. Grebenyuk 7 T. Greenshaw 2 G. Grindhammer 29 S. Habib 7 D. Haidt 7

Measurement of dijet production in diffractive deep-inelastic scattering with a leading proton at HERA

E.A. De Wolf 11 12 C. Diaconu 32 M. Dobre 1 y z V. Dodonov 2 A. Dossanov 37 A. Dubak 42 o u G. Eckerlin 4 S. Egli 25 A. Eliseev 36 E. Elsen 4 L. Favart 11 12 A. Fedotov 35 l R. Felst 4 S. Ghazaryan 4 A ... . Glazov 4 L. Goerlich 14 N. Gogitidze 36 M. Gouzevitch 4 t C. Grab 29 j A. Grebenyuk 4 T. Greenshaw 15 B.R. Grell 4 G. Grindhammer 37 S. Habib 4 D. Haidt 4 C. Helebrant 4 R.C.W. Henderson 18 E. Hennekemper

Measurement of the diffractive longitudinal structure function \(F_{L}^{D}\) at HERA

. Fomenko 27 E. Gabathuler 2 J. Gayler 7 S. Ghazaryan 7 A. Glazov 7 L. Goerlich 13 N. Gogitidze 27 M. Gouzevitch 7 C. Grab 40 A. Grebenyuk 7 T. Greenshaw 2 B.R. Grell 7 G. Grindhammer 29 S. Habib 7 D. Haidt 7

Measurement of D ∗± meson production and determination of \(F_{2}^{c\bar{c}}\) at low Q 2 in deep-inelastic scattering at HERA

6 M. Fleischer 6 A. Fomenko 27 E. Gabathuler 1 J. Gayler 6 S. Ghazaryan 6 A. Glazov 6 L. Goerlich 12 N. Gogitidze 27 M. Gouzevitch 6 C. Grab 40 A. Grebenyuk 6 T. Greenshaw 1 B.R. Grell 6 G

Search for squarks in R-parity violating supersymmetry in ep collisions at HERA

21 G. Eckerlin S. Egli 5 A. Eliseev 0 11 E. Elsen L. Favart A. Fedotov 9 R. Felst J. Feltesse h J. Ferencei D.-J. Fischer M. Fleischer A. Fomenko 0 11 E. Gabathuler 6 J. Gayler S. Ghazaryan A. Glazov L