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Pollaczek contour integrals for the fixed-cycle traffic-light queue

The fixed-cycle traffic-light (FCTL) queue is the standard model for intersections with static signaling, where vehicles arrive, form a queue and depart during cycles controlled by a traffic light. Classical analysis of the FCTL queue based on transform methods requires a computationally challenging step of finding the complex-valued roots of some characteristic equation...

Robust heavy-traffic approximations for service systems facing overdispersed demand

Arrival processes to service systems often display fluctuations that are larger than anticipated under the Poisson assumption, a phenomenon that is referred to as overdispersion. Motivated by this, we analyze a class of discrete-time stochastic models for which we derive heavy-traffic approximations that are scalable in the system size. Subsequently, we show how this leads to...

Design and Processing of Invertible Orientation Scores of 3D Images

groups . Currently, he is working for Vital- Health software, developing e-Health software applications . A. J. E. M. Janssen ( 1953 ) received his Engineering and Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from the

Dominant poles and tail asymptotics in the critical Gaussian many-sources regime

The dominant pole approximation (DPA) is a classical analytic method to obtain from a generating function asymptotic estimates for its underlying coefficients. We apply DPA to a discrete queue in a critical many-sources regime, in order to obtain tail asymptotics for the stationary queue length. As it turns out, this regime leads to a clustering of the poles of the generating...

Corrected asymptotics for a multi-server queue in the Halfin-Whitt regime

To investigate the quality of heavy-traffic approximations for queues with many servers, we consider the steady-state number of waiting customers in an M/D/s queue as sā†’āˆž. In the Halfin-Whitt regime, it is well known that this random variable converges to the supremum of a Gaussian random walk. This paper develops methods that yield more accurate results in terms of series...