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Carcinoma epidermoide primario do estomago

Attention is called by the AA. to the rarity of this histological feature of gastric tumor verified and described, on post mortem examination, in a white Brazilian male, 57 years old. The tumor is located on the lesser curvature of the stomach under the appearance of a crateriform formation, 3.5 cms. in diameter, fast adhering to the pancreas. The esophagus and cardia are not...

Intoxicação por veneno de cobra: necrose symetrica da cortex renal: uremia

In a mortal case of ophidism, in an individual 15 years old, bitten by a snake (Bothrops jararaca) on the external face of his right leg and who died 26 days after the accident, the AA. describe the pathologic-anatomical changes met with and the modifications of the metabolism put into evidence through chemical blood examinations. The main changes there existing are located in...