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Um enrolamento das fôlhas do fumo de causa genética

.     LITERATURA CITADA 1.  Bennett, C. W. and A. S. Costa. A curly top disease of tomato and tobacco in Brazil closely resembling curly top of sugar beet in the United States and Argentina. Jour. Agr. Research

Vermelhão do algodoeiro

A disease associated with the infestation of cotton plants by the cotton or melon aphid, Aphis gossypii Glov. is described under the name of "vermelhão" or anthocyanosis. Symptoms of the disease resemble those resulting from magnesium deficiency. Aphids collected from diseased plants reproduced the disease when fed on cotton seedlings for 48 hours. Symptoms usually appeared from...

MAIT cells are reduced in frequency and functionally impaired in human T lymphotropic virus type 1 infection: Potential clinical implications

HTLV-1 infection is associated with several inflammatory disorders, including the neurodegenerative condition HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP). It is unclear why a minority of infected subjects develop HAM/TSP. The cellular immune response has been implicated in the development of inflammatory alterations in these patients; however the...

Fish Biodiversity of the Vitória-Trindade Seamount Chain, Southwestern Atlantic: An Updated Database

Despite a strong increase in research on seamounts and oceanic islands ecology and biogeography, many basic aspects of their biodiversity are still unknown. In the southwestern Atlantic, the Vitória-Trindade Seamount Chain (VTC) extends ca. 1,200 km offshore the Brazilian continental shelf, from the Vitória seamount to the oceanic islands of Trindade and Martin Vaz. For a long...

Avaliação das perdas causadas por vírus na produção da batata I: Vírus do enrolamento da fôlha

A comparison of 50 pairs of field healthy and leaf roll infected potato plants of nine varieties indicated that the total yield reduction was on the average 60.7 per cent. Yield reduction of the two largest and most marketable potato sizes ("especial" and "primeira") reached 75.6 per cent. Aquila and Gunda had the highest yield losses (73.4 and 72.0 per cent); Delta A and...