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Comment on “Detrusor pressures in urodynamic studies during voiding in women”

Santerre, 75012 Paris , France 1 Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 06) , Paris , France 2 Françoise A. Valentini - Dear Editor, The purpose of the authors was to demonstrate that “relaxation of

Recent development on the realization of a 1-inch VSiPMT prototype

The VSiPMT (Vacuum Silicon PhotoMultiplier Tube) is an innovative design for a revolutionary hybrid photodetector. The idea, born with the purpose to use a SiPM for large detection volumes, consists in replacing the classical dynode chain with a SiPM. In this configuration, we match the large sensitive area of a photocathode with the performances of the SiPM technology, which...

Active opening out of the urethra and the Valentini–Besson–Nelson mathematical model: response to comment by Petros and Bush

Franoise A. Valentini Pierre P. Nelson - Dear Editor, We thank Dr. Petros and Dr. Bush for their interest in our paper [1] and the VBN model and would like to offer the following comments: 1. Dr

Functional effect of transient transurethral catheterization on micturition in women: comment

Franoise A. Valentini Pierre P. Nelson the cause of this additional effect (observed in 62 % of our population-positive group) was a residual excitation of the sphincter. In addition, the

In vitro activity of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor CYC202 (Seliciclib, R-roscovitine) in mantle cell lymphomas†

heavy chain (IgH) gene promoter. Additional K. Lacrima and A. Valentini contributed equally to this work. molecular abnormalities mainly involving genes that regulate the cell cycle, such as loss of p27

Effect of delta-opioid receptor agonist deltorphin on circulating concentrations of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone in healthy fertile women.

There is evidence that endogenous opioid peptides exert an inhibitory effect on pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion both in animals and in humans, by interacting with mu-opioid receptors. However, a role for delta-opioid receptors in the regulation of gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) secretion has recently been suggested. In the present study, we evaluated the...