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Análisis de reflujo de flama en combustores tangenciales de flujo giratorio

Premixed lean combustion is widely used in Combustion Processes due to the benefits of good flame stability and blowoff limits coupled with low NOx emissions. However, the use of novel fuels and complex flows have increased the concern about flashback, especially for the use of syngas and highly hydrogen enriched blends. Thus, this paper describes a combined practical and...

Studies of the Precessing Vortex Core in Swirling Flows

] A. Coghe et al., "Recirculation phenomena in a natural gas swirl combustor", Exp Thermal Fluid Sci, vol. 28, pp. 709-714, 2004.         [ Links ] [6] A. Valera-Medina, "Coherent Structures and their ... . Japan, pp. 1-21, 2005.         [ Links ] [21] A. Valera-Medina et al, "Visualization of Isothermal Large Coherent Structures in a Swirl Burner", Combust Flame, vol. 156, issue 9, pp. 1723-1734, 2009

Hydrodynamics During the Transient Evolution of Open Jet Flows from/to Wall Attached Jets

Swirl stabilized flows are the most widely deployed technology used to stabilize gas turbine combustion systems. However, there are some coherent structures that appear in these flows close to the nozzle whose occurrence and stability are still poorly understood during transition. The external recirculation zone and the Precessing Vortex Core to/from the Coanda effect are some of...

Kinetics and Performance of Raw and Torrefied Biomass in a Continuous Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier

This paper is an experimental study of the kinetics of gasification of olive kernel by using a thermogravimetric fluidized bed reactor technique. Gasification of ‘as received’ and torrefied olive kernels were investigated in a lab-scale bubbling fluidized bed gasifier, operating at up to 3.2 kg/h. The effect of bed temperature between 550 and 750 °C in 50 °C increments on the...