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Economic and productivity evaluation of different horizontal drilling scenarios: Middle East oil fields as case study

Development of high-density oil and gas fields presents a great challenge to the energy industry due to the low productivity of individual wells and their high drilling cost. We thus compared the productivity, associated costs and economical revenues gained from two field development scenarios, with multilateral and horizontal drilling, to evaluate the optimal drilling and...

Determination of pore size distribution profile along wellbore: using repeat formation tester

Permeability and porosity are essential properties of hydrocarbon reservoirs that are series to compute the production rates and the original hydrocarbon in-place. Permeability and porosity are often specified by the pore size distribution. Knowing pore size distribution along wellbore can greatly help us in determining perforating depth, mud, and cement type, etc. There are...

Determination of a safe mud window and analysis of wellbore stability to minimize drilling challenges and non-productive time

Khaksar manshad Introduction Wellbore instability is one of the main problems that engineers encounter during drilling. Borehole stability requires the knowledge of interaction between rock strength and ... applied to a well located in an oilfield in Iran and showed that the new model is consistent with field experience. Wellbore stability; Rock failure criterion; Safe mud weight window; Drilling - & Abbas

New method for prediction and solving the problem of drilling fluid loss using modular neural network and particle swarm optimization algorithm

Loss circulation is a common problem in drilling industry that causes high expenditure on drilling companies. Nowadays minimizing of loss circulation is a main goal and preference for drilling engineers. Artificial intelligence (Al) is a new method of solving engineering problems that has the ability to consider all effective parameters simultaneously. Moreover, it has...

Analysis of vertical, horizontal and deviated wellbores stability by analytical and numerical methods

Wellbore stability problems are known to cost the oil and gas industry billions of dollars each year. However, these costs can be significantly reduced through the application of comprehensive geomechanical models. This paper is relevant and is appropriate in the oil and gas industry. The objective of this paper is the comparison of four rock failure criteria, named the Mohr...