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Transcriptional response of rice flag leaves to restricted external phosphorus supply during grain filling in rice cv. IR64

, Omar Pantoja, Abdul Baten, Cecile C. Julia. Formal analysis: Kwanho Jeong. Funding acquisition: Matthias Wissuwa, Terry J. Rose. Investigation: Kwanho Jeong, Cecile C. Julia. Methodology: Kwanho ... Jeong, Omar Pantoja, Daniel Waters, Tobias Kretzschmar, Terry J. Rose. Project administration: Terry J. Rose. Software: Kwanho Jeong, Abdul Baten. Supervision: Daniel Waters, Matthias Wissuwa, Sigrid

Characterization of Bacterial Communities Associated with the Tyrian Purple Producing Gland in a Marine Gastropod

Dicathais orbita is a marine mollusc recognised for the production of anticancer compounds that are precursors to Tyrian purple. This study aimed to assess the diversity and identity of bacteria associated with the Tyrian purple producing hypobranchial gland, in comparison with foot tissue, using a high-throughput sequencing approach. Taxonomic and phylogenetic analysis of...