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Comparison of sequence variants in transcriptomic control regions across 17 mouse genomes

The laboratory mouse is the most widely used mammalian model organism in biomedical research, so a thorough annotation of functional variation in the mouse genome would be of significant value. In this study, we compared sequence variation in a comprehensive list of functional elements (e.g. promoters, enhancers and CTCF binding sites) across 17 inbred mouse strains. Sequences...

Characterization of Bacterial Communities Associated with the Tyrian Purple Producing Gland in a Marine Gastropod

Dicathais orbita is a marine mollusc recognised for the production of anticancer compounds that are precursors to Tyrian purple. This study aimed to assess the diversity and identity of bacteria associated with the Tyrian purple producing hypobranchial gland, in comparison with foot tissue, using a high-throughput sequencing approach. Taxonomic and phylogenetic analysis of...

Complete chloroplast genome of Macadamia integrifolia confirms the position of the Gondwanan early-diverging eudicot family Proteaceae

Catherine J Nock 0 Abdul Baten 0 Graham J King 0 0 Southern Cross Plant Science, Southern Cross University , Military Road, NSW, Lismore, 2480 , Australia Background: Sequence data from the

Environmental challenges of trans-boundary water resources management: the case of Bangladesh

The political definition of ‘natural geography’ with regard to trans-boundary waters may pose challenges to their environmental importance. Availability and distribution of trans-boundary waters may thus give rise to dissatisfaction, disbelief and dispute among its stakeholders. The Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna (GBM) basins, shared between Bangladesh and India, as a whole...

Genome and transcriptome sequencing characterises the gene space of Macadamia integrifolia (Proteaceae)

Background The large Gondwanan plant family Proteaceae is an early-diverging eudicot lineage renowned for its morphological, taxonomic and ecological diversity. Macadamia is the most economically important Proteaceae crop and represents an ancient rainforest-restricted lineage. The family is a focus for studies of adaptive radiation due to remarkable species diversification in...

Buildup of speaking skills in an online learning community: a network-analytic exploration

Studies in learning communities have consistently found evidence that peer-interactions contribute to students’ performance outcomes. A particularly important competence in the modern context is the ability to communicate ideas effectively. One metric of this is speaking, which is an important skill in professional and casual settings. In this study, we explore peer-interaction...

Transcriptional response of rice flag leaves to restricted external phosphorus supply during grain filling in rice cv. IR64

, Omar Pantoja, Abdul Baten, Cecile C. Julia. Formal analysis: Kwanho Jeong. Funding acquisition: Matthias Wissuwa, Terry J. Rose. Investigation: Kwanho Jeong, Cecile C. Julia. Methodology: Kwanho ... Jeong, Omar Pantoja, Daniel Waters, Tobias Kretzschmar, Terry J. Rose. Project administration: Terry J. Rose. Software: Kwanho Jeong, Abdul Baten. Supervision: Daniel Waters, Matthias Wissuwa, Sigrid

Genome of Tenualosa ilisha from the river Padma, Bangladesh

ObjectiveHilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha), is a popular fish of Bangladesh belonging to the Clupeidae family. An anadromous species, like the salmon and many other migratory fish, it is a unique species that lives in the sea and travels to freshwater rivers for spawning. During its entire life, Tenualosa ilisha migrates both from sea to freshwater and vice versa.Data descriptionThe...