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Moduli anomalies and local terms in the operator product expansion

Abstract Local terms in the Operator Product Expansion in Superconformal Theories with extended supersymmetry are identified. Assuming a factorized structure for these terms their contributions are discussed.

On scale and conformal invariance in four dimensions

We study the implications of scale invariance in four-dimensional quantum field theories. Imposing unitarity, we find that infinitely many matrix elements vanish in a suitable kinematical configuration. This vanishing is a nontrivial necessary condition for conformality. We provide an argument why this is expected to be a sufficient condition as well, thereby linking scale and...

Anomalies, conformal manifolds, and spheres

The two-point function of exactly marginal operators leads to a universal contribution to the trace anomaly in even dimensions. We study aspects of this trace anomaly, emphasizing its interpretation as a sigma model, whose target space \( \mathrm{\mathcal{M}} \) is the space of conformal field theories (a.k.a. the conformal manifold). When the underlying quantum field theory is...