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Reference values for psychoacoustic tests on Polish school children 7–10 years old

Background Good hearing is a fundamental skill that allows children to develop properly, both socially and intellectually. In contrast to defects in inner ear function, however, auditory processing disorders (APDs)–which can affect up to 2–3% of school-children–are not easily identified with basic screening programs and must be diagnosed using special tests. Although such...

Pathological sulcus vocalis: treatment approaches and voice outcomes in 36 patients

PurposeThis is a retrospective study to evaluate the results of surgical treatment of patients with pathological sulcus vocalis.MethodsThirty-six patients with pathological sulcus underwent surgery and in 33 cases were performed additional injection laryngoplasty. The pre- and postoperative evaluation of patients included the GRBAS scale, stroboscopic, and objective acoustic...