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Systematic review of school tobacco prevention programs in African countries from 2000 to 2016

and Welfare of the Government of Japan (2016±2017) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Akihiro Nishio, Junko Saito, Sachi Tomokawa, Jun Kobayashi, Yuka Makino, Takeshi Akiyama. Data curation ... : Akihiro Nishio, Kimihiro Miyake. Formal analysis: Akihiro Nishio, Mayumi Yamamoto. Funding acquisition: Akihiro Nishio. Investigation: Akihiro Nishio. Methodology: Akihiro Nishio, Yuka Makino, Takeshi

Prevalence of Mental Illness, Cognitive Disability, and Their Overlap among the Homeless in Nagoya, Japan

Background While the prevalence of mental illness or cognitive disability is higher among homeless people than the general population in Western countries, few studies have investigated its prevalence in Japan or other Asian countries. The present study conducted a survey to comprehensively assess prevalence of mental illness, cognitive disability, and their overlap among...