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In Agents We Trust-A Proposal for Material Participation of Trusts

at; http; //repository; uwyo; edu/wlr VOLUME 15 2015 Rvie NUMBER 1 IN AGENTS WE TRUST—A PROPOSAL FOR MATERIAL PARTICIPATION OF TRUSTS Alan Wilson and Ryan Pulver * AbstrA tc In the business

The Future of Urban Modelling

The future of urban modelling is viewed first against a background of its fifty-decade history. The effects of increased computing power and the availability of new data sources are explored, particularly through a wider range of scales and applications – illustrated by global scales and applications as wide-ranging as defence and security and history and archaeology. The...

Urban retail location: Insights from percolation theory and spatial interaction modeling

the support of the EPSRC grant: EP/M023583/1. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Duccio Piovani, Alan Wilson. Data curation: Duccio Piovani, Carlos Molinero. Formal analysis: Duccio Piovani ... , Carlos Molinero. Investigation: Duccio Piovani, Carlos Molinero, Alan Wilson. Methodology: Duccio Piovani. Project administration: Duccio Piovani. Resources: Duccio Piovani. Supervision: Duccio Piovani

An Interdependent Multi-Layer Model: Resilience of International Networks

Trade flows are characterised by interdependent economic networks such as the global supply chain, international bilateral agreements, trans-national credit, and foreign direct investments, as well as non-economic components (i.e. infrastructures, cultural ties and spatial barriers). We construct an Interdependent Multi-layer Model (IMM), which is rooted in the theoretical...

Accelerated Evolution of Schistosome Genes Coding for Proteins Located at the Host–Parasite Interface

Study of proteins located at the host–parasite interface in schistosomes might provide clues about the mechanisms utilized by the parasite to escape the host immune system attack. Micro-exon gene (MEG) protein products and venom allergen-like (VAL) proteins have been shown to be present in schistosome secretions or associated with glands, which led to the hypothesis that they are...

Schistosome Feeding and Regurgitation

Wilson 0 Chetan E. Chitnis, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, India 0 Funding: This work was supported by grant AI-056273 from the NIH-NIAID. XHL was supported by the Overseas ... : 681 - 686 . 35. Halton DW ( 1997 ) Nutritional adaptations to parasitism within the platyhelminthes . Int J Parasitol 27 : 693 - 704 . 36. Rofatto HK , Parker-Manuel SJ , Barbosa TC , Tararam CA , Alan

Evidence That Rhesus Macaques Self-Cure from a Schistosoma japonicum Infection by Disrupting Worm Esophageal Function: A New Route to an Effective Vaccine?

: 17686191 20. Rofatto HK , Parker-Manuel SJ , Barbosa TC , Tararam CA , Alan Wilson R , Leite LC , et al. Tissue expression patterns of Schistosoma mansoni Venom Allergen-Like proteins 6 and 7 . Int J

The anatomical arrangement of muscle and tendon enhances limb versatility and locomotor performance

Alan Wilson () 1 Glen Lichtwark 0 0 School of Human Movement Studies, University of Queensland , Brisbane 4072 , Australia 1 Structure and Motion Laboratory, The Royal Veterinary College, University

Whole-Organ Isolation Approach as a Basis for Tissue-Specific Analyses in Schistosoma mansoni

Background Schistosomiasis is one of the most important parasitic diseases worldwide, second only to malaria. Schistosomes exhibit an exceptional reproductive biology since the sexual maturation of the female, which includes the differentiation of the reproductive organs, is controlled by pairing. Pathogenicity originates from eggs, which cause severe inflammation in their hosts...

Boltzmann, Lotka and Volterra and spatial structural evolution: an integrated methodology for some dynamical systems

It is shown that Boltzmann's methods from statistical physics can be applied to a much wider range of systems, and in a variety of disciplines, than has been commonly recognized. A similar argument can be applied to the ecological models of Lotka and Volterra. Furthermore, it is shown that the two methodologies can be applied in combination to generate the Boltzmann, Lotka and...

Drug-Induced Exposure of Schistosoma mansoni Antigens SmCD59a and SmKK7

Background Schistosomiasis is a serious health problem especially in developing countries and affects more than 243 million people. Only few anthelmintic drugs are available up to now. A major obstacle for drug treatment is the different developmental stages and the varying host compartments during worm development. Anthelmintic drugs have been tested mainly on adult schistosomes...

Gene Expression Patterns in Larval Schistosoma mansoni Associated with Infection of the Mammalian Host

Background The infective schistosome cercaria develops within the intramolluscan daughter sporocyst from an undifferentiated germ ball, during which synthesis of proteins essential for infection occurs. When the aquatic cercaria locates the mammalian host it rapidly penetrates into the epidermis using glandular secretions. It then undergoes metamorphosis into the schistosomulum...

The Schistosome Oesophageal Gland: Initiator of Blood Processing

repeats in multiple, developmentally regulated Schistosoma mansoni transcripts . Mol Cell Biol 8 : 4745 - 4755 . 13. Rofatto HK , Parker-Manuel SJ , Barbosa TC , Tararam CA , Alan Wilson R , et al. ( 2012

Enzymatic Shaving of the Tegument Surface of Live Schistosomes for Proteomic Analysis: A Rational Approach to Select Vaccine Candidates

Background The membrane-associated and membrane-spanning constituents of the Schistosoma mansoni tegument surface, the parasite's principal interface with the host bloodstream, have recently been characterized using proteomic techniques. Biotinylation of live worms using membrane-impermeant probes revealed that only a small subset of the proteins was accessible to the reagents...

Schistosome vaccines: a critical appraisal

An effective schistosome vaccine is a desirable control tool but progress towards that goal has been slow. Protective immunity has been difficult to demonstrate in humans, particularly children, so no routes to a vaccine have emerged from that source. The concept of concomitant immunity appeared to offer a paradigm for a vaccine operating against incoming larvae in the skin but...

Evidence for a Role of the Host-Specific Flea (Paraceras melis) in the Transmission of Trypanosoma (Megatrypanum) pestanai to the European Badger

We investigated the epidemiology of Trypanosoma pestanai infection in European badgers (Meles meles) from Wytham Woods (Oxfordshire, UK) to determine prevalence rates and to identify the arthropod vector responsible for transmission. A total of 245 badger blood samples was collected during September and November 2009 and examined by PCR using primers derived from the 18S rRNA of...

On the Three-Finger Protein Domain Fold and CD59-Like Proteins in Schistosoma mansoni

lectin to surface glycoproteins of cercariae and adult worms . Exp Parasitol 95 : 231 - 239 . 10. Skelly PJ , Alan Wilson R ( 2006 ) Making sense of the schistosome surface . Adv Parasitol 63 : 185 - 284

Vaccination with Enzymatically Cleaved GPI-Anchored Proteins from Schistosoma mansoni Induces Protection against Challenge Infection

. Figueiredo,1,2 Natan R. G. Assis,1,2 Suellen B. Morais,1,2 Marcelo V. Caliari,4 Vasco Azevedo,3 William Castro-Borges,5 R. Alan Wilson,6 and Sergio C. Oliveira1,2 1Departamento de Bioquímica, Imunologia do ... ,1,2 Suellen B. Morais,1,2 Marcelo V. Caliari,4 Vasco Azevedo,3 William Castro-Borges,5 R. Alan Wilson,6 and Sergio C. Oliveira1,2 1Departamento de Bioquímica, Imunologia do Instituto de Ciências

Altered Patterns of Gene Expression Underlying the Enhanced Immunogenicity of Radiation-Attenuated Schistosomes

BackgroundSchistosome cercariae only elicit high levels of protective immunity against a challenge infection if they are optimally attenuated by exposure to ionising radiation that truncates their migration in the lungs. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms responsible for the altered phenotype of the irradiated parasite that primes for protection have yet to be...

Genetic Deletion of Mst1 Alters T Cell Function and Protects against Autoimmunity

Mammalian sterile 20-like kinase 1 (Mst1) is a MAPK kinase kinase kinase which is involved in a wide range of cellular responses, including apoptosis, lymphocyte adhesion and trafficking. The contribution of Mst1 to Ag-specific immune responses and autoimmunity has not been well defined. In this study, we provide evidence for the essential role of Mst1 in T cell differentiation...