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Genética de Coffea: X - Hereditariedade da ocorrência de sépalas desenvolvidas nas flores de Coffea arabica L. Var. goiaba Taschdjian

In" this paper the authors discuss the nature of the calyx in the Ixorex (Rubiacex), calling special attention to this character in Coffea. The calyx of the goiaba variety of Coffea arabica L. differs from the normal type being well developed, foliaceous and persistent, the fruit being similar in appearance to the guava (Psidium guajava L.). It is supposed that the presence of a...

Evidência isoenzímica sobre a origem interespecífica do café Piatã

Years ago it was found in a field of Coffea arabica (2n = 44) a coffee tree different from any other known so far. Initially it was thought to be an autotetraploid either of C. liberica (2n = 22) or of C. dewevrei (2n = 22). Morphological and cytological studies of this tree and its progeny, designated by the prefix C387 of the Department of Genetics, IAC and named Piat...