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An insight into Bronze Age subsistence strategy in forested Carpathian foothills, based on plant macro-remains

Mueller-Bieniek. Both authors participated in the writing of the paper. The authors are grateful to Marcin S. Przybyła for valuable comments on the text; Wojciech Blajer, Magdalena Moskal-del Hoyo, and ... those plants and plant parts were collected as some kind of insulation cannot be excluded. Notes Acknowledgements The plant material was identified by Magda Kapcia under the supervision of Aldona

A palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the rampart construction of the medieval ring-fort in Rozprza, Central Poland

During archaeological excavations of a medieval stronghold in Rozprza, a buried thick deposit of deep black (Dark Earth type) soil was discovered. A multianalytical (sedimentological, geochemical and archaeobotanical) study was carried out in order to identify traits the Rozprza Dark Earth. The analyses demonstrated that the soil was formed as an effect of surface accumulation of...

The environmental and cultural contexts of the late Iron Age and medieval settlement in the Mazurian Lake District, NE Poland: combined palaeobotanical and archaeological data

Pollen analysis of sediments from three lakes and analysis of plant macroremains including charcoal from archaeological sites in the Mazurian Lake District provide new data for the reconstruction of vegetation changes related to human activity between the 1st and 13th century ad. At that time settlements of the Bogaczewo culture (from the turn of the 1st century ad to the first...