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On the analysis of movement smoothness

, Bagayam, 632002 Vellore, Tamil Nadu , India 1 , Alejandro Melendez-Calderon 2 and Etienne Burdet 3 Hocoma AG , 8604 Volketswil , Switzerland 4 Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Robot-aided assessment of lower extremity functions: a review

The assessment of sensorimotor functions is extremely important to understand the health status of a patient and its change over time. Assessments are necessary to plan and adjust the therapy in order to maximize the chances of individual recovery. Nowadays, however, assessments are seldom used in clinical practice due to administrative constraints or to inadequate validity...

Enhanced assessment of limb neuro-mechanics via a haptic display

Current state-of-the-art quantitative assessments of abnormal neuro-mechanics (e.g., spasticity, rigidity, dystonia) require sophisticated measurement systems that, together with the lengthiness of the data acquisition, make these approaches impractical for the clinical setting. Our long-term goal is to create a tool that enhances the capability of therapists to diagnose abnormal...