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Coq Support in HAHA

/CodingStyle. Tadeusz Sznuk and Aleksy Schubert . Tool support for teaching Hoare logic . In Dimitra Giannakopoulou and Gwen Sala?n , editors, Proc. of SEFM 2014 , volume 8702 of LNCS , pages 332 - 346

Synthesis of Functional Programs with Help of First-Order Intuitionistic Logic

., editor, Programming Symposium, Proceedings Colloque Sur La Programmation , volume 19 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 408 - 425 . Springer, 1974 . Aleksy Schubert , Pawe? Urzyczyn, and Konrad

Restricted Positive Quantification Is Not Elementary

Schubert , Pawe? Urzyczyn, and Daria Walukiewicz-Chrz?szcz. Positive logic is not elementary . Presentation at the Highlights conference, 2013 . Aleksy Schubert , Pawe? Urzyczyn, and Daria Walukiewicz-Chrz ... ?szcz. How hard is positive quantification ? In preparation, 2014 . Aleksy Schubert , Pawe? Urzyczyn, and Konrad Zdanowski . On the Mints hierarchy in first-order intuitionistic logic . In A. Pitts

Automata Theoretic Account of Proof Search

Automata theoretical techniques are developed that handle inhabitant search in the simply typed lambda calculus. The automata-theoretic model for inhabitant search, which can be viewed as proof search by the Curry-Howard isomorphism, is proven to be adequate by reduction of the inhabitant existence problem to the emptiness problem for the automata. To strengthen the claim, it is...

Frontmatter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization

1868-8969 19th International Conference on Types for Proofs and Programs Edited by Ralph Matthes Aleksy Schubert 0 0 Jose? Espi?rito Santo, University of Minho , Braga, Portugal, Herman Geuvers ... ? de Toulouse France Aleksy Schubert Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics University of Warsaw Poland ACM Classification 1998 D.1.1 Applicative (Functional) Programming, D.2.4

Decidable structures between Church-style and Curry-style

It is well-known that the type-checking and type-inference problems are undecidable for second order lambda-calculus in Curry-style, although those for Church-style are decidable. What causes the differences in decidability and undecidability on the problems? We examine crucial conditions on terms for the (un)decidability property from the viewpoint of partially typed terms, and...

ML with PTIME complexity guarantees

. Computational Complexity , 2 : 97 - 110 , December 1992 . Jacek Chrz?szcz and Aleksy Schubert . The role of polymorphism in the characterisation of complexity by soft types . In Piotr Sankowski and Filip Murlak