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Lecithin is the key material attribute in soy bean oil affecting filamentous bioprocesses

Complex raw materials are widely used as supplements in biopharmaceutical production processes due to their positive effect on biomass growth and productivity at low cost. However, their use negatively impacts process reproducibility due to high lot-to-lot variability which contradicts current regulatory guidelines. In this study we investigated crude soy bean oil (SBO) which is...

Amino Acid Signature in Human Melanoma Cell Lines from Different Disease Stages

, Waehringerstrasse 13A, A-1090, Vienna, Austria. 2Institute for Chemical, Enviromental and Biological Engineering, TU Wien, Gumpendorferstrasse 1a, A-1060, Wien, Austria. Christine Wasinger and Alexandra Hofer

Model-Based Methods in the Biopharmaceutical Process Lifecycle

Model-based methods are increasingly used in all areas of biopharmaceutical process technology. They can be applied in the field of experimental design, process characterization, process design, monitoring and control. Benefits of these methods are lower experimental effort, process transparency, clear rationality behind decisions and increased process robustness. The possibility...

A control strategy to investigate the relationship between specific productivity and high-mannose glycoforms in CHO cells

The integration of physiological knowledge into process control strategies is a cornerstone for the improvement of biopharmaceutical cell culture technologies. The present contribution investigates the applicability of specific productivity as a physiological control parameter in a cell culture process producing a monoclonal antibody (mAb) in CHO cells. In order to characterize...