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A ribosome profiling study of mRNA cleavage by the endonuclease RelE

Implicated in persistence and stress response pathways in bacteria, RelE shuts down protein synthesis by cleaving mRNA within the ribosomal A site. Structural and biochemical studies have shown that RelE cuts with some sequence specificity, which we further characterize here, and that it shows no activity outside the context of the ribosome. We obtained a global view of the...

Science, Pseudoscience, and Religious Belief

, and Religious Belief Allen R. Buskirk Allen R. Buskirk holds a PhD in chemistry and chemical biology from Harvard University and is an assistant professor of biochemistry at Brigham Young University

The role of upstream sequences in selecting the reading frame on tmRNA

Background tmRNA acts first as a tRNA and then as an mRNA to rescue stalled ribosomes in eubacteria. Two unanswered questions about tmRNA function remain: how does tmRNA, lacking an anticodon, bypass the decoding machinery and enter the ribosome? Secondly, how does the ribosome choose the proper codon to resume translation on tmRNA? According to the -1 triplet hypothesis, the...