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Influence of seasonal variation on in vitro fertilization success

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Michal Kirshenbaum, Tal Elkan-Miller, Jigal Haas, Raoul Orvieto. Data curation: Eran Zilberberg. Formal analysis: Alon Ben-David. Investigation: Michal

Evaluating the Synergistic Neutralizing Effect of Anti-Botulinum Oligoclonal Antibody Preparations

Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNT) are considered some of the most lethal known substances. There are seven botulinum serotypes, of which types A, B and E cause most human botulism cases. Anti-botulinum polyclonal antibodies (PAbs) are currently used for both detection and treatment of the disease. However, significant improvements in immunoassay specificity and treatment safety may be...

Early, Real-Time Medical Diagnosis of Botulism by Endopeptidase-Mass Spectrometry

Botulinum toxin was detected in patient serum using Endopeptidase-mass-spectrometry assay, although all conventional tests provided negative results. Antitoxin was administered, resulting in patient improvement. Implementing this highly sensitive and rapid assay will improve preparedness for foodborne botulism and deliberate exposure.