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Use of power-law analysis to predict abuse or diversion of prescribed medications: proof-of-concept mathematical exploration

ObjectiveTo conduct a proof-of-concept study comparing Lorenz-curve analysis (LCA) with power-law (exponential function) analysis (PLA), by applying segmented regression modeling to 1-year prescription claims data for three medications—alprazolam, opioids, and gabapentin—to predict abuse and/or diversion using power-law zone (PLZ) classification.ResultsIn 1-year baseline...

Diagnoses of Cardiovascular Disease or Substance Addiction/Abuse in US Adults Treated for ADHD with Stimulants or Atomoxetine: Is Use Consistent with Product Labeling?

BackgroundAmong US adults, utilization of pharmacotherapy for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has increased more than ninefold since 1995–1996. Potential contraindications to ADHD pharmacotherapy include serious cardiovascular disease (CVD) and, for stimulants, addictions and bipolar disorder (BPD).ObjectiveTo assess the prevalence of potential contraindications...