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Tachyon inflation in teleparallel gravity

We present a tachyonic field inflationary model in a teleparallel framework. We show that tachyonic coupled with the f(T) gravity model can describe the inflation era in which f(T) is an arbitrary function of torsion scalar T. For this purpose, dynamical behavior of the tachyonic field in different potentials is studied, it is shown that the tachyonic field with these potentials...

Higgs inflation and general initial conditions

A Higgs field of particle physics can play the role of the inflaton in the early universe if it is non-minimally coupled to gravity. The Higgs inflation scenario predicts a small tensor to scalar ratio: \(r\simeq 0.003\). Although this value is consistent with the upper bound \(r<0.12\) given by the BICEP2/Keck Array and Planck data, it is not at their maximum likelihood point...