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Floristic composition and phytogeography of the tree component of Araucaria Forest fragments in southern Brazil

The present study examined the floristic composition of three fragments of Araucaria Forest (AF) in the Planalto Catarinense region of southern Brazil as well as the floristic contextualization of these areas in relation to other remnant AF sites. Three AF fragments at different altitudes were analyzed in the municipalities of Campos Novos, Lages, and Painel. Fifty 200 m2 plots...

Molecular Typing of Mycobacterium bovis from Cattle Reared in Midwest Brazil

Mycobacterium bovis is the causative agent of bovine tuberculosis (BTB), the pathogen responsible for serious economic impact on the livestock sector. In order to obtain data on isolated M. bovis strains and assist in the control and eradication program for BTB, a cross sectional descriptive molecular epidemiology study in the Brazilian Midwest was conducted. Through...

Florística e estrutura da comunidade arbórea em fragmentos de floresta aluvial em São Sebastião da Bela Vista, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Fragments of alluvial forest in the South of Minas Gerais, Brazil, were studied in order to assess the vegetation structure, tree diversity and the most influential environmental variables on vegetation variations. The environment and vegetation data (dbh ³ 5 cm) were collected in 54, 20 × 10 m, permanents plots allocated in a riverine forest and in five fragments of alluvial...