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Community ecology across bacteria, archaea and microbial eukaryotes in the sediment and seawater of coastal Puerto Nuevo, Baja California

. Author Contributions Beman, Tanja Woyke. Conceptualization: Sabah Ul-Hasan, Robert M. Bowers, Andrea Figueroa-Montiel, J. Michael Data curation: Sabah Ul-Hasan, Tanja Woyke. Formal analysis: Sabah Ul ... -Hasan, Robert M. Bowers. Funding acquisition: Sabah Ul-Hasan, Andrea Figueroa-Montiel, Alexei F. Licea-Navarro, J. Investigation: Sabah Ul-Hasan, Andrea Figueroa-Montiel, Alexei F. Licea-Navarro, Tanja

In Silico Identification of Protein Disulfide Isomerase Gene Families in the De Novo Assembled Transcriptomes of Four Different Species of the Genus Conus

Small peptides isolated from the venom of the marine snails belonging to the genus Conus have been largely studied because of their therapeutic value. These peptides can be classified in two groups. The largest one is composed by peptides rich in disulfide bonds, and referred to as conotoxins. Despite the importance of conotoxins given their pharmacology value, little is known...