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Thirst Perception and Osmoregulation of Vasopressin Secretion Are Altered During Recovery From Septic Shock

ObjectiveVasopressin (AVP) secretion during an osmotic challenge is frequently altered in the immediate post-acute phase of septic shock. We sought to determine if this response is still altered in patients recovering from septic shock. DesignProspective interventional study SettingIntensive care unit (ICU) at Raymond Poincaré and Etampes Hospitals. PatientsNormonatremic patients...

Changes in CRH and ACTH Synthesis during Experimental and Human Septic Shock

Context The mechanisms of septic shock-associated adrenal insufficiency remain unclear. This study aimed at investigating the synthesis of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) and vasopressin (AVP) by parvocellular neurons and the antehypophyseal expression of ACTH in human septic shock and in an experimental model of sepsis. Objective To test the hypothesis that ACTH secretion...