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Unpacking factors influencing antimicrobial use in global aquaculture and their implication for management: a review from a systems perspective

receiver of both anthropogenic and livestock waste. Acknowledgements Patrik Henriksson is partially funded by VINNOVA-VINMER Marie Curie Incoming Grant (2015-01556). Andreu Rico is supported by a post-doc

Effects of malathion and carbendazim on Amazonian freshwater organisms: comparison of tropical and temperate species sensitivity distributions

The risk assessment of pesticides for freshwater ecosystems in the Amazon has relied on the use of toxicity data and water quality criteria derived for temperate regions due to a lack of ecotoxicological studies performed with indigenous species. This leaves an unknown margin of uncertainty for the protection of Amazonian ecosystems, as differences in environmental conditions and...

Effect of Parathion-Methyl on Amazonian Fish and Freshwater Invertebrates: A Comparison of Sensitivity with Temperate Data

Parathion-methyl is an organophosphorous insecticide that is widely used in agricultural production sites in the Amazon. The use of this pesticide might pose a potential risk for the biodiversity and abundance of fish and invertebrate species inhabiting aquatic ecosystems adjacent to the agricultural fields. Due to a lack of toxicity data for Amazonian species, safe environmental...