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What was the ecological impact of a Trypillia megasite occupation? Multi-proxy palaeo-environmental investigations at Nebelivka, Ukraine

Fine-resolution sampling of pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs and microcharcoal as well as sedimentological data in a 6-m sediment core were used to reconstruct both natural conditions and human impacts in the late fifth and early fourth millennia cal bc in the environs of the Nebelivka megasite in Kirovograd Oblast, Central Ukraine. This 238-ha site, dating to the Middle (or BII...

Economic and socio-cultural consequences of changing political rule on human and faunal diets in medieval Valencia (c. fifth–fifteenth century AD) as evidenced by stable isotopes

This paper explores the impact of changing religious political rule on subsistence within a single city through time using stable isotope analysis of human and animal bone collagen. The diet and economy of the medieval city of Valencia (Spain) are examined over a 1000-year period during successive periods of Visigothic, Muslim and Christian rule. Bulk stable isotope analysis of...

Flows of people in villages and large centres in Bronze Age Italy through strontium and oxygen isotopes

Cardarelli. Data curation: Claudio Cavazzuti, Andrew R. Millard. Formal analysis: Claudio Cavazzuti, Andrew R. Millard, Geoffrey Nowell, Joanne Peterkin. Funding acquisition: Claudio Cavazzuti ... . Investigation: Claudio Cavazzuti, Andrew R. Millard, Geoffrey Nowell. Methodology: Claudio Cavazzuti, Andrew R. Millard, Joanne Peterkin. Project administration: Claudio Cavazzuti. Resources: Claudio Cavazzuti

Dental disease and dietary isotopes of individuals from St Gertrude Church cemetery, Riga, Latvia

-Gordina, Charlotte Roberts, Andrew R. Millard. Formal analysis: Elina Petersone-Gordina, Andrew R. Millard. Funding acquisition: Elina Petersone-Gordina, Charlotte Roberts, Guntis Gerhards. Investigation ... : Elina Petersone-Gordina. Methodology: Elina Petersone-Gordina, Charlotte Roberts, Andrew R. Millard, Janet Montgomery. Resources: Andrew R. Millard, Janet Montgomery, Guntis Gerhards. 20 / 26

Food Reconstruction Using Isotopic Transferred Signals (FRUITS): A Bayesian Model for Diet Reconstruction

Human and animal diet reconstruction studies that rely on tissue chemical signatures aim at providing estimates on the relative intake of potential food groups. However, several sources of uncertainty need to be considered when handling data. Bayesian mixing models provide a natural platform to handle diverse sources of uncertainty while allowing the user to contribute with prior...