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Highly-efficient laser ablation of copper by bursts of ultrashort tuneable (fs-ps) pulses

Ultrashort pulse laser, capable of varying pulse duration between 210 fs and 10 ps and producing a burst of pulses with an intra-burst pulse repetition rate of 64.5 MHz (time distance between pulses 15.5 ns), was used to investigate the ablation efficiency of the copper. The study on ablation efficiency was done for various numbers of pulses per burst between 1 and 40. The...

Advanced laser scanning for highly-efficient ablation and ultrafast surface structuring: experiment and model

Ultra-short laser pulses are frequently used for material removal (ablation) in science, technology and medicine. However, the laser energy is often used inefficiently, thus, leading to low ablation rates. For the efficient ablation of a rectangular shaped cavity, the numerous process parameters such as scanning speed, distance between scanned lines, and spot size on the sample...