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Planning for Excellence: Insights from an International Review of Regulators’ Strategic Plans

. FINKEL* DANIEL E. WALTERS** ANGUS CORBETT***? What constitutes regulatory excellence? Answering this question is an indispensable first step for any public regulatory agency that is measuring, striving

Courting Controversy

First the Mabo ruling, then the political advertising case: the High Court is clearly turning ‘political’. A fen cdo pmamrlioanm Leneftta rrye sspoovnerseei gins tyto. deBut Angus Corbett disagrees ... society. ■ ANGUS CORBETT teaches in law at the University of NSW.

Strengthening organizational performance through accreditation research-a framework for twelve interrelated studies: the ACCREDIT project study protocol

Background Service accreditation is a structured process of recognising and promoting performance and adherence to standards. Typically, accreditation agencies either receive standards from an authorized body or develop new and upgrade existing standards through research and expert views. They then apply standards, criteria and performance indicators, testing their effects, and...

An action research protocol to strengthen system-wide inter-professional learning and practice [LP0775514]

Background Inter-professional learning (IPL) and inter-professional practice (IPP) are thought to be critical determinants of effective care, improved quality and safety and enhanced provider morale, yet few empirical studies have demonstrated this. Whole-of-system research is even less prevalent. We aim to provide a four year, multi-method, multi-collaborator action research...