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Results on Alternating-Time Temporal Logics with Linear Past

? , Italy 2 Aniello Murano University of Napoli ?Federico II? , Italy We investigate the succinctness gap between two known equally-expressive and different linearpast extensions of standard CTL? (resp., ATL

Quantifying Bounds in Strategy Logic

- 713 , 2002 . doi: 10 .1145/585265.585270. Benjamin Aminof , Aniello Murano, Sasha Rubin , and Florian Zuleger . Prompt alternatingtime epistemic logics . In KR , pages 258 - 267 . AAAI Press, 2016 . URL ... : http://www.aaai. org/ocs/index.php/KR/KR16/paper/view/12890. In POPL , pages 164 - 176 , 1981 . doi: 10 .1145/567532.567551. Raphaƫl Berthon , Bastien Maubert, and Aniello Murano . Decidability results

Hierarchical Cost-Parity Games

Cost-parity games are a fundamental tool in system design for the analysis of reactive and distributed systems that recently have received a lot of attention from the formal methods research community. They allow to reason about the time delay on the requests granted by systems, with a bounded consumption of resources, in their executions. In this paper, we contribute to research...

Evaluation of Temporal Datasets via Interval Temporal Logic Model Checking

The problem of temporal dataset evaluation consists in establishing to what extent a set of temporal data (histories) complies with a given temporal condition. It presents a strong resemblance with the problem of model checking enhanced with the ability of rating the compliance degree of a model against a formula. In this paper, we solve the temporal dataset evaluation problem by...

Reasoning About Strategies

In open systems verification, to formally check for reliability, one needs an appropriate formalism to model the interaction between open entities and express that the system is correct no matter how the environment behaves. An important contribution in this context is given by modal logics for strategic ability, in the setting of multi-agent games, such as ATL, ATL*, and the...