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Satisfaction with obstetric care in a population of low-educated native Dutch and non-western minority women. Focus group research

. Posthumus, Eric A. P. Steegers, Semiha Denkta?. Data curation: Ingrid A. Peters. Formal analysis: Ingrid A. Peters, Semiha Denkta?. Methodology: Ingrid A. Peters, Anke G. Posthumus, Semiha Denkta ... ?. Project administration: Ingrid A. Peters. Software: Ingrid A. Peters. 18 / 22 Validation: Anke G. Posthumus. Visualization: Ingrid A. Peters, Anke G. Posthumus, Semiha Denkta?. Writing ? original draft

Geographical, Ethnic and Socio-Economic Differences in Utilization of Obstetric Care in the Netherlands

Background All women in the Netherlands should have equal access to obstetric care. However, utilization of care is shaped by demand and supply factors. Demand is increased in high risk groups (non-Western women, low socio-economic status (SES)), and supply is influenced by availability of hospital facilities (hospital density). To explore the dynamics of obstetric care...

The Association of Ethnic Minority Density with Late Entry into Antenatal Care in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, non-Western ethnic minority women make their first antenatal visit later than native Dutch women. Timely entry into antenatal care is important as it provides the opportunity for prenatal screening and the detection of risk factors for adverse pregnancy outcomes. In this study we explored whether women's timely entry is influenced by their neighborhood...

Improving interprofessional coordination in Dutch midwifery and obstetrics: a qualitative study

Background Coordination between the autonomous professional groups in midwifery and obstetrics is a key debate in the Netherlands. At the same time, it remains unclear what the current coordination challenges are. Methods To examine coordination challenges that might present a barrier to delivering optimal care, we conducted a qualitative field study focusing on midwifery and...