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InDel markers: An extended marker resource for molecular breeding in chickpea

Roorkiwal, Rajeev K. Varshney. Data curation: Ankit Jain, Sandip Kale, Vanika Garg, Ramakrishna Yadala. Formal analysis: Manish Roorkiwal, Sandip Kale, Vanika Garg. Funding acquisition: Rajeev K. Varshney ... . Investigation: Ankit Jain. Methodology: Ankit Jain, Sandip Kale, Ramakrishna Yadala. Project administration: Manish Roorkiwal. Resources: Rajeev K. Varshney. Supervision: Manish Roorkiwal, Rajeev K. Varshney

Biomimetic temporal self-assembly via fuel-driven controlled supramolecular polymerization

Temporal control of supramolecular assemblies to modulate the structural and transient characteristics of synthetic nanostructures is an active field of research within supramolecular chemistry. Molecular designs to attain temporal control have often taken inspiration from biological assemblies. One such assembly in Nature which has been studied extensively, for its well-defined...