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n-Hexane conversion on γ-alumina supported palladium–platinum catalysts

Two series of Pd–Pt/Al2O3 catalysts, characterized by high metal dispersions were prepared and investigated in the reaction of n-hexane conversion at the temperature < 300 °C. Incipient wetness co-impregnation of γ-alumina with the solutions of Pd(acac)2 and Pt(acac)2 led to relatively good Pd–Pt alloying. However, a similar catalyst preparation using solutions of PdCl2 and...

Influence of microwave activation on the catalytic behavior of Pd-Au/C catalysts employed in the hydrodechlorination of tetrachloromethane

This work investigates the influence of activation by microwave irradiation on the catalytic properties of Pd-Au/CSibunit catalysts in the hydrodechlorination of CCl4. Pd and Pd-Au samples were thoroughly characterized by CO chemisorption, X-ray diffraction, TPHD and STEM, and used in gas phase hydrodechlorination of tetrachloromethane. The studies showed that homogenous Pd-Au...

Effect of metal precursor and pretreatment conditions on the catalytic activity of Ni/C in the aqueous phase hydrodechlorination of 1,1,2-trichloroethene

Active carbon supported nickel catalysts prepared with nickel(II) nitrate and nickel(II) chloride precursors after reduction at 673 or 1173 K were investigated in the aqueous phase hydrodechlorination of 1,1,2-trichloroethene (TCE). These nickel catalysts facilitate the purification of water via decomposing TCE, but their catalytic properties depend on the chemistry of the nickel...