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Reducing bovine leukosis in dairy cattle

Bovine leukosis virus (BLV) is a cancerous condition of tissues in which lymph nodes and lymphocytes are affected. Infected cattle may be identified by testing blood sera for BLV antibodies using the agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) test that requires 2 days for processing. Most dairy farms have infected animals, but the condition is not considered important because less than 1...

Lameness in dairy cattle

Foot problems are major concerns for dairies, and care should be taken to avoid promoting them. Preventive measures, with the aid of a veterinarian, must be followed if the problem is expected to be controlled. Feet should be trimmed or at least observed one to two times per year. High concentrate diets should be fed carefully to avoid acidosis. Cows should have limited time...

Preventive health programs for dairy cattle

Always consult your veterinarian when making vaccination decisions. The most common errors are failing to give booster immunizations and doing so at the incorrect time. Animal comfort is a greater determinant of production than vaccinations, and to receive the full benefits of nutrition, genetic, and management programs, cow comfort must be maximized. This does not lessen the...