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Cohort profile: Studies of Work Environment and Disease Epidemiology-Infections (SWEDE-I), a prospective cohort on employed adults in Sweden

Plymoth. Formal analysis: Francesca Ghilotti, Anneli Julander. Funding acquisition: Olof Nyre?n, Amelie Plymoth. Supervision: Amelie Plymoth. Visualization: Francesca Ghilotti. Writing ? original draft ... : Anneli Julander, Per Gustavsson, Amelie Plymoth. Writing ? review & editing: Francesca Ghilotti, Anneli Julander, Per Gustavsson, Annika Linde, Olof Nyre?n, Amelie Plymoth. 11 / 13 12 / 13 1. Feeney A

Skin Deposition of Nickel, Cobalt, and Chromium in Production of Gas Turbines and Space Propulsion Components

Skin exposure to nickel, cobalt, and chromium may cause sensitization and allergic contact dermatitis and it is known that many alloys and platings may release significant amounts of the metals upon contact with skin. Occupational exposure to these sensitizing metals has been studied in different settings with regards to airborne dust and different biological end points, but...