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Dark matter from strong dynamics: the minimal theory of dark baryons

Abstract As a simple model for dark matter, we propose a QCD-like theory based on SU(2) gauge theory with one flavor of dark quark. The model is confining at low energy and we use lattice simulations to investigate the properties of the lowest-lying hadrons. Compared to QCD, the theory has several peculiar differences: there are no Goldstone bosons or chiral symmetry restoration...

Is Achieving Equal Educational Opportunity Possible? An Empirical Study of New York State Public Schools

- Article 3 Follow this and additional works at: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY OF NEW PUBLIC SCHOOLS YORK STATE ANTHONY FRANCIS BRUNO* INTRODUCTION "[I]t is doubtful that ... American children. 2 Following Brown and the "legal" victory of desegregation, education advocates began a decades-long financial litigation movement to * Anthony Francis Bruno is a staff attorney for the

More on heavy tetraquarks in lattice QCD at almost physical pion mass

We report on our progress in studying exotic, heavy tetraquark states, qq′ Q̅Q̅′. Using publicly available dynamical nf = 2 + 1 Wilson-Clover gauge configurations, generated by the PACS-CS collaboration, with pion masses ≃ 164, 299 and 415 MeV, we extend our previous analysis to heavy quark components containing heavier than physical bottom quarks Q̅Q̅′ = b̅′b̅′ or Q̅Q̅′ = b̅b...

The pion quasiparticle in the low-temperature phase of QCD

We extend our previous studies [PhysRevD.90.054509, PhysRevD.92.094510] of the pion quasiparticle in the low-temperature phase of two-flavor QCD with support from chiral effective theory. This includes the analysis performed on a finite temperature ensemble of size 20 × 643 at T ≈ 151MeV and a lighter zero-temperature pion mass mπ ≈ 185 MeV. Furthermore, we investigate the Gell...

On the strength of the U A (1) anomaly at the chiral phase transition in N f = 2 QCD

We study the thermal transition of QCD with two degenerate light flavours by lattice simulations using O(a)-improved Wilson quarks. Temperature scans are performed at a fixed value of N t = (aT)−1 = 16, where a is the lattice spacing and T the temperature, at three fixed zero-temperature pion masses between 200 MeV and 540 MeV. In this range we find that the transition is...

Theories of Learning and Their Implications for On-Line Assesment

Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education 1302-6488 THEORIES OF LEARNING AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS FOR ON-LINE ASSESSMENT Anthony Francis UNDERHILL MA Cert. Ed ILTM 0 1 0 University of Central ... England Birmingham , THE UNITED KINGDOM 1 Anthony Francis Underhill The Department of Accountancy, Business and Finance, University of Central England The pedagogy underlying online learning and teaching

Evaluation of the acceptability and usefulness of an information website for caregivers of people with bipolar disorder

Stefan Cvetkovski 0 Anthony Francis Jorm 0 0 Orygen Youth Health Research Centre, Centre for Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne , Parkville, Victoria , Australia 1 IMPACT Strategic Research

Simulation of QCD with N f = 2 + 1 flavors of non-perturbatively improved Wilson fermions

We describe a new set of gauge configurations generated within the CLS effort. These ensembles have N f = 2 + 1 flavors of non-perturbatively improved Wilson fermions in the sea with the Lüscher-Weisz action used for the gluons. Open boundary conditions in time are used to address the problem of topological freezing at small lattice spacings and twisted-mass reweighting for...