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Electrophysiological correlates of the interplay between low-level visual features and emotional content during word reading

Charge by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Open Access Publication Fund of Bielefeld University. Author information Author notes Sebastian Schindler and Antonio Schettino contributed equally ... to this work. AffiliationsDepartment of Experimental-Clinical and Health Psychology, Ghent University, Ghent, BelgiumSebastian Schindler, Antonio Schettino & Gilles PourtoisDepartment of Psychology

No Prior Entry for Threat-Related Faces: Evidence from Temporal Order Judgments

Previous research showed that threat-related faces, due to their intrinsic motivational relevance, capture attention more readily than neutral faces. Here we used a standard temporal order judgment (TOJ) task to assess whether negative (either angry or fearful) emotional faces, when competing with neutral faces for attention selection, may lead to a prior entry effect and hence...

Valence-Specific Modulation in the Accumulation of Perceptual Evidence Prior to Visual Scene Recognition

Visual scene recognition is a dynamic process through which incoming sensory information is iteratively compared with predictions regarding the most likely identity of the input stimulus. In this study, we used a novel progressive unfolding task to characterize the accumulation of perceptual evidence prior to scene recognition, and its potential modulation by the emotional...